If Anyone Needs Prayers It is Kea Adams – Darey Shades Kea Adams About Kaduna Entertainers Hating Each Other

Well, one thing we know for sure, there is always reactions when it come to the entertainment world, as who is better, who is right, what should not and what should be. And the Kaduna Entertainment industry is not left out.

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Veteran Event planner and organizer of the Kaduna Entertainment Awards Kea Adams made a post about An award event which went down well and he reffered it back to kaduna entertainment industry that “We need prayers in Kaduna entertainment scene, hatred Everywhere”

It looks like he was throwing the shots at some kaduna based bloggers but not mentioning anyone’s name. Darey who is a blogger also responded immediately to the post making a fresh post on his Facebook wall saying “If there is any one that needs prayers in kaduna Entertainment industry its the “chief organizer himself” aka …..

Although he didnt mention anyone’s name too, but adding 1+1 we know who it is.

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See screenshots below…

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