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"If They Don't Sign You, Sign yourself" - Arewa Senior Man Dj Cinch Speaks About His Music Career And More

Hello fam, thanks for visiting our blog again. We stop by at  Krockcity to feature Kd Finest, Senior man, Rave Of The Moment -DJ cinch On our Pogramme Vibes With Raj. This guy is talented to the core, the only artist that have the guts to further turn olamide's hit single "WO" into a hit. he remixed the song into the arewa version laced with some dope hausa flows. Read our interview with him and get to know Dj cinch.


Good day, Dj Cinch, its nice having you on our another episode of Vibes With Raj

Thanks bro, i'm honoured

Kindly Tell Us, Who Is Dj Cinch

My real name is Fumen John Naye but popularly know as Dj Cinch, I'm the 2nd born from the family of late Mr and Mrs John .K. Naye. I'm from Kwoi Jaba local government of Nigeria but was born and brought up in Zaria.

I attended Depot Nursery and primary school Zaria and Nuhu Bamalli polytechnic staff school where my dad was lecturing for my primary education
Kufena college Zaria and Government Technical College Malali Kaduna for my Secondary education
Nuhu Bamalli polytechnic Zaria and Kaduna State University for my tertiary education
I'm a graduate of Department of English and Drama Kaduna state university

How did you started off as a producer and a music Artist?

Well for music production I started abt 7years ago when I lost my dad, a friend of my installed Fruity loops studio for me on the Laptop I inherited from my dad, then I started messing around with it, practicing on how to make beats, then I started recording myself with my friends in my parlour with just a laptop and headphone mic, i bagan to download tutorials from youtube on how to mix and master, i use to practice day n night, the rest is history, i own a recording studio called Beats Fact3 that me n my elder brother established like 4years ago.

But I've been a music artist right from when I was a kid, it's a God's given gift. I use to sing in the Junior choir in my church when I was a kid, and I use to part of a Christian club called Goodnews club back then in Zaria, there we where being taught how to sing, act, mime and the word of God, so basically for me that was where i learned the basics
I also use to dance in my secondary school, av lead my school to so many dancing competitions that we won back then, i an active member of Literary and Debating Society back then.
But I started music professionally in 2003 when I recorded my first song at Javics Studio Samaru Zaria, The title of the song is "My Girl 4real" for those in Kaduna back then that use to listen Rapmataz on Ksmc FM 90.9 hosted by John Candy, my first single has enjoyed airplay on this program and I was being hosted for interview severally.
That's my humble beginning as an Artist

How can you describe your kind of music and what inspires you?
My style of music is Arewa Afro Hiphop sound
That's what I call it cos it's a fusion of Arewa sound, Afro vibe and hiphop.
I get inspired by my immediate environment, things happening around me, the culture and way of life of my people also inspires me and Above all God is my greatest inspiration

As a producer and also a musical artist, how do you cope producing your own self and producing for others?
It's not easy being a producer an artist an also a Dj, but I try to meet up, I hardly have time to rest, but right now av a boy that is helping me in the studio cos i don't av time right now like I use to cos of shows here and there, but anytime I'm not engage in shows I'm always in the studio working on my music or producing other artist.

In 5years from Now, where would you see your self if you were to imagine it now?
I see myself as in the league of artist like WizKid, Davido, Tubaba, Psquare etc the next 5yrs
I'm seeing myself winning both national and international awards
That's y I'm working hard and by the grace of God I'll get there

About the kaduna music industry, your impact is so felt right now, tell us how you were able to put your self in the map?

lol, it's God and also hardwork, I put my all into my music, and ive also tried to be consistent. I'm a workaholic you know, I'm always on top of my game.

Kaduna Event planners do not pay kaduna Artist as they should, what do you have to say about this??

yeah, Event planners in Kd are trying on there own cos they also have challenges of getting sponsors for there event so its not easy for them, but never the less they can do better, they need to learn how to appreciate there guest artist at the event, give them special treatment, but its unfortunate that most of them are only after what they with get via ticket sold.

Another mistake they make is they put to many artist in their show, so it's difficult to have a well organized event at the end of the day cos every artist wanna perform
So think what they should be doing is get 2 or 3 main act for their event and pay them, then include few upcoming act also
Treat those artist like superstars that they are
Like for me I've stopped going to free shows since last year and I think any serious artist that have build a brand for himself overtime should do so, cos that's the only way forward for we artist.
I've paid my dues, and shown so much love enough, so its money time now.

Last year, you put out so many works, of which your remix to Olamide "wo" was the most played song, even in kaduna, tell us how you did it?

year last year was the biggest year in my music career so far cos I worked harder than I use to, I dropped abt 8 singles last year 2017 including Olamide's WO Cover that went viral

Av been a huge fan of Olamide over the years, av been following him from eniduro till now and learnt a lot from him, he's hardworking and consistent, working with him will be a dream come true for me.

I so much love his song WO that's why I decided to jump on it, but I never took it serious at first I was just playing and freestyling the on the song before you know it i woke up in the midnight and started recording it cos I sleep in my studio most times.
Even after recording it I never wanted dropping it cos I just did it for fun cos I love the song, just like av done other covers that av not dropped till date(eg Runtown mad over you cover) so its been part of me like jumping on hit songs to see how I will deliver
But one night I just posted on my Facebook asking who wanna listen to my WO Cover and everyone who was asking me to drop it so I had no option that to drop it on Krockcitydegreez that night
Before you know it other blogs took it up from there, radio stations and DJ's started playing it without me knowing how they even got it and the rest is history.

What are your plans so far for 2018?
my plans for 2018 is to put in more Work work work, cos my fan base is increasing everyday and much is being expected from me right now
I'll be dropping a lot of singles this year both audio and video

Let's get to know ur playlist
In Nigeria, give us 5 songs that rocks your playlist
Also in  Kaduna, give us five songs that is worth your playlist

My Naija playlist

Science student by Olamide Baddo
Manya by WizKid, Fia by Davido, Gaga Shuffle by Tubaba, Gudu by Classiq,
My Top 5 kd playlist
Hold Som'n by Chiif Obi ft Dj Cinch, Bend over by Shawn Wonder, Beware by Elaidrix, Jah Love by Aldrizz, and No Lie by Pson.

Tell us is there any competition in the kaduna entertainment industry?
No competition, I'm on my own lane.

How is the hip hop culture in Kaduna entertainment industry?

Kd is hiphop and hiphop is kd, you can't take that away from us cos that's what we are known for, so many dope hiphop heads in Kd men. If you're talking about hiphop in Nigeria, Kd is the capital.
The hiphop culture is very much awake in kd i know you now we broke a record last year for the longest freestyle by our very own Kevin words.

About your brand, are you singed to any label? Do you have artist that your are managing too?
If they don't sign you, sign yourself, so av signed myself to my own records which is Senior man Recordz. I also have My boi Aldrizz a very talented singer and rapper signed to my

Before we call it off, any last word to your fans and lovers out there and give an advice to other artist who are coming up.
Thanks for having me Raj, to my fans I love you so much, keep supporting the brand Dj Cinch and watch out for Arewa WO Video coming soon dir by Flexy Ariyak and Jerry Bodam, and also other singles after that plus my first music concert that is coming soon. To the upcoming artist there's no shortcut to success, y'all got to workhard and invest in your career cos nobody will help you if you dont help yourself. One love my people. Bless.

 Haven't listened to Wo Cover By Dj cinch? DOWNLOAD  

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