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BBC Unveils Igbo And Yoruba Channel Services In Nigeria

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has launched two new language – Igbo and Yoruba – services on Tuesday for Nigeria and the West and Central Africa region.
A statement issued by the BBC and signed by Marina Forsythe said the new services are part of the largest investment in the BBC World Service since the 1940s and are funded by the UK government.
“The Igbo service is mainly for audiences in eastern and South-eastern Nigeria as well as the large Igbo speaking diaspora.
“The Yoruba service targets South-west Nigeria, Benin and Togo as well as other parts of the diaspora,” the statement said.
It also said the services are fully digital and will include “exciting short format audio, video, graphics and illustrations”.
It also said twice daily, the teams will produce an episode of BBC Minute – keeping people in touch with the world in 60 seconds.
“The editorial agenda will reflect not only balanced impartial news, but also a rich mix of trending topics, sports, entertainment, business, health, education and women.
“There will be original content through our network of reporters on the variety of stories and issues that matter to local people and resonate across the region,” it said.
It added that digital content created daily for the website and social media platforms will cover a broad agenda with a strong focus on audience interactivity.
In total, 12 services are being launched by the BBC in Africa and Asia.

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