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Check Out The List Of 13 States Owing Teachers’ Salaries (No. 1 Owes 28 Months Salaries)

Thirteen states have not paid their teachers some for as long as 28 months, according to the Nigerian Union Teachers (NUT).

Osun tops the list with 28 months followed by Nasarawa, 26, Kogi 25, Benue 12 and Ekiti 9 months.

NUT President, Comrade Alogba Olukoya, revealed this at the union’s 2018 annual gathering. He said the union is compiling reports from across the states before embarking on the strike. He added that both primary and secondary school teachers are affected.

“When we get report on salary, if it is not encouraging we will embark on strike. The next is the state of decays in our schools’ laboratories and libraries,” he said.

Olukoya appealed to the states to pay or begin to see the wrath of the Nigerian teachers. He, however, said Benue state will be excused from the strike because of the security challenges affecting the state at the moment.

He said the union has received assurance from the state government that the outstanding salaries will be paid soon.

The union however, berated the action of Kaduna state government for sacking teachers and directive to stop deduction of check off dues for trade unions.

The number of teachers affected in the 13 states were said to be about 300,000. The NUT could not give the amount owed teachers saying it has no record of that at the moment.

List of the states and months they are owing:

1: Osun State; 28 Months

2: Nasaraw State; 26 Months

3: Kogi State; 25 Months

4: Benue State; 12 Months

5: Ekiti State; 9 Months

6: Bayelsa State; 7 Months

7: Taraba State; 6 Months

8: Abia State; 5 Months

9: Kaduna State; 5 Months

10: Ondo State; 4 Months

11: Kwara State; 2 Months

12: Delta State; 2 Months

13: Oyo State; 1 Month

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