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Am Versatile When It Comes To Genre Of Music - Abuja Based Artist G'Prince Talks About His Good Vibes

Hello Vibes fam. Happy weekend. Here is another episode of Vibes With Raj. And this time we decide to interview one of Abuja's Finest Artist Gprince Who is on top of his game. He is a performer who have rocked some major shows in the city of abuja and other parts of Nigeria. He in this interview with him. He talks about his journey so far and how he have managed to build his brand overtime.

Can you Kindly Introduce yourself proper for those who don't know you?

Thank you very much, Its my pleasure, Its your own comrade Odoh shedrack popularly known by my stage name Gprince A. K. A.  D Lyricist A. K. A the  lyrical magician,  A. K. A Dude on point decimal,A k.a most Handsome
Am versatile when it comes to different Genre of music but my  major are RnB, hip pop /Rap
Am from the middle belt region of Nigeria. Kogi state to be precise.
Based In F. C. T abuja And also currently serving as a corp member in Abuja. A Graduate of Economics from Kogi state university, Anyigba.
Tell us, what made you to go into music/Entertainment and how did you get started as an artist?
So many things made me venture into music but the first thing on my list is my passion for music because its a thing that gives me joy and I find out that through singing as a medium, the message being passed across put smile on faces around me and nothing is as good as seeing people happy as a result of your God given talent , so that's my major drive and the rest is as a rest of what I see and hear of which time will not allow me to start mentioning
And on the aspect on how I get started, I will still say I started because of my passion for music, because of those that are there before me and also as a result of friends that I have around me who are also passionate about music as well as myself and all of this started when I was in my junior secondary school till date am still keeping it real

How can you describe your kind of music?
When it comes to my kind of music, I would say am versatile in style ranging from Hip pop/Rap, RnB dance, Afro pop, Afro beat but I do Afro pop and Afro beat major mixed with little juju flavour because that's what sells in the market now and as an artist meeting the needs of fans it would help sell your brand faster beyond imagination.

You are one of those handsome artist girls can't get their eyes off, so tell us how do you handle the female folks?
Well on this aspect , I must concur, its a difficult task for me as an artist just as it is to other artist in the industry but knowing where am coming from and also where am going to, having my priority set, it has helped me a whole lot because with this I dedicate little or no time to my distraction in general, ladies inclusive so as to nurse my satisfaction which is my dream targeted goals, so my busy nature has given me an edge in handling issues related to ladies since am not idle

Are you into a relationship? If yes how has it helped your career?
Yes I would say without grumbling that am into a relationship and relationship in general can either help one negatively or positively, all is help but it all boils down to the kind of woman you are into a relationship with, Yes it has not been easy just as you know its not easy handling relationship with career as both relationship and career needs time,dedication and finance but thank God for the vital role of wisdom and understanding we have been able to know when to trade off one for the other so as not to jeopardize our future dream and plans and this has been a major propeller of my career

What are your lowlights and highlights of last year?
Its obviously true that in any struggle in life there are lowlights and highlights one is certain to experience but to be precise, major out of my shortcomings is the issue finance and a good manager to influence major shows to my advantage but for the sake of my passion for music and the little influence I have due to the quality of my songs it has gain me access to major shows within and outside Abuja of which the series of success from this shows is a plus to my career and its a major highlight in the previous year.

Gprince is a brand well recognized in Kogi, Abuja and other parts of the country, tell us how did you manage to build your fanbase around
There is no other way I could build my fanbase if not by me to keep keeping it real always and this is achievable through prayers , smart work, handwork, drop pride ,loyalty, followup and above all consistency in that which am known for are major factors that has helped me all the way in building my fanbase

You have dished out some amazing song in the Time past, tell us which one of your songs is the wave?
Oh yes that's obviously true that I have dished out amazing songs in the time past and that one I would say is a wave tune tittled "WHATELSE" its really a top notch song as its widely used by fans as ring back tune on MTN of which you can also have a feel of it by texting 0729335 to 4100 to have it as a ring back tune. Also it has form a major song on fans playlist and has got recognition outside the shores of this great country Nigerian due to its accessibility on foreign sites like CD baby, iTunes, Amazon to mention a few and also repetition on foreign airplays. With this I can say "WHATELSE" is a wave that pave way for me

Some people have been asking, where is Gprince, tell us what have you been up to?
Yea, its a question I know would be reoccurring in the minds of my fans out there, and all i have to say is that am not far from their reach as the little time I spent away was just to build myself, have what am known for well polished and branded to a better competitive brand that will stand the taste of time as well as the contemporary , that's basically my reason for now .

So far, 2018 is another year, what are your plans and what should we be expecting from you?
Wow! wow!! 2018 is a year of massive success not just by mere talking but backed up with actions and to be honest with you am experiencing it in diverse forms already but to be brief, whole lot of plans have been on ground to be unleashed this year and part of my plans are; getting a good manager, a good record deal/label which are my topmost priority. And more also releasing few singles I know will wow my fans out there and one of my single that will hit the market soon is titled "YOUR LOVE" Trust me you all going to love it.

Are you a singed artist?
Obviously No! Am an independent artist for now.

Let's get into your playlist
List 5 songs Nigerian songs that top your playlist

Top 5 Nigerian songs I love to hear over and over again and here it goes
1. Malo By Tiwa Savage ft wizkid
2. Energy by Run town
3. Fia fia by Davido
4. Manya by wizkid and
5. Being Calling by Maleek Berry.

In the nigerian music industry today, which producer and artist you would like to feature?
In the industry I would love to feature whole lot of artist but I will narrow my range of choice to first Mr P ,Wizkid, Davido,Runtown. This is because of the high level of creativity they possess so working with this great ICON is going to be a plus to my music career That's it for now while on the part of producers I would say Don jazzy, D tunez, Daps Kenny , Dj coublon because of their unique and classic production with high level of experience.

Before we go, kindly give your fans a hint of what you would be dropping soon and also an advice to other upcoming artist
Yea, my ever loving and supportive fans you all know what your own is out for, should in case you don't know we out to Keep Keeping it real and as I have earlier said much work has been done and the outcome is going to hit you soon and "YOUR LOVE" is going to be the tittle with many more to be unleashed, you going to love it to the fullest. ) .Finally to my brothers and sister Artist coming up, I don't have much to say but all I want to tell you is that, anything you want to do or you doing put God first because He is the ultimate, be focused, be patient, never stop to keep keeping it real in your pursuit one day you will hit that success button and I tell you its Success activated for life.

Download Music: Gprince - What Else

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