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Must SEE! 4 Easy Ways To Become More Productive & Attract Favour In Your Workplace

Most people always make the mistake of thinking that attracting Favour In the workplace happens just like that without putting in any effort, while some think that favour is as a result of the character and good heart of their employers.

The truth is, most employers would not want to favour you with promotion or salary increase unless you possess or put in some things that they just can’t refuse and deny.

Even those who work in government establishments or in big organizations where requirements for promotion and salary increase are already in place still need favour to take hold of their inheritance.

I have heard most people say that no one is Indispensable as true as it sounds, it is a lie. People who were once Indispensable suddenly becomes easily dispensable when they begin to lose relevance.

Today, I will be sharing with you just four out of the many ways that you can become more productive and attract favour in your workplace:

– Don’t Just Focus On Your Skills

It’s not just enough to make use of your skills in your place of work. There is something else that you can use to increase your productivity and that is, your talents. For instance, being an accountant is not a new thing but being an accountant with talents is rare to find and hard to dispose off. The creator has deposited talents inside everyone of us that we can use to increase our happiness in every facet of our lives. Man started working with his skills when he lost the ability to maximize his God given talents. You must discover those workplace talents in you to increase your productivity because your productivity is the greatest weapon to your indispensability.

– Don’t Overdo The Do

Some people think that being Indispensable in their workplace requires them to engage in ‘high service’. So, they end up taking up tasks that they are not skilled or talented to handle. Every mistakes in a workplace cost the organization something. No organization will keep an employee who keeps making mistakes that is costing the organization something. And oftentimes, mistakes happen when we’re doing what we are not skilled or talented in. A talented musician for instance doesn’t need to be in a high spirit to perform well. Even in his low spirit, he or she will still come up with songs that makes sense. That’s Talent. Likewise a skilled and experienced professional. People don’t use talents, talents use people.

– Think About The Future

You are working in an organization now doesn’t mean you will die there. Like my mom would always say “they didn’t tie your umbilical cord there so you can leave there.” No matter how Indispensable you are in an organization you may still need to move forward and it may be to a better organization with better staffs packages or for a personal venture. Everything you know now will be needed in the future. So in order to be more productive, you need to think about the future. You need to tell yourself that you need that skill or experience in the future. You can’t put in your best into someone else’s business and not have people who will be ready to stake their neck for you. In life, what you sew is what you will wear.

– Don’t Care

If I tell you that every employer is good I will be lying and posterity may not forgive me. There are some employers that are as wicked as the devil himself. The truth is, most employers don’t take care of their staffs and always want you to work and work until you are worn out. But no matter how wicked and heartless your employer is, don’t care. Give him or her your best and when you are ripe, life and nature will open a door that you never knocked on.

Succeed You Must.

Written by Johnspeak Uwangue

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