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Photos Of Nigerian Rapper Ice Prince Zamani Spending Time With Hospitalized Nigerian Military In Maiduguri

Nigerian rapper, Ice prince took to his instagram page to share a picture of his visit to hospitalized Nigerian military in maiduguri.

He Wrote:

Spent some time with a few Officers of the Nigerian Military laying in the hospital from bullet wounds to all sorts of injuries unexplained.

Their stories are wey too deep to be untold !!!! Real (super) Heroes Risking their lives daily to protect others and to keep the world at peace.

A lot of them fresh guys i thot could easily be celebrities or any thing else, but no they chose service to humanity at the risk of their personal self… still smiling and making jokes thru the pain, waiting to fully recorver (Not to Quit) but to ginger back to the battle field.

That’s a Super Hero in my book. God bless the Military #NigerianMilitary ����


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