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Young Corper Discusses Romance With Lady He Met In The North

An unnamed tertiary institution graduate has discussed his budding relationship with his colleague at the northern part of the country where he is observing his one year compulsory National Youth Service Programme.
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NYSC comes with interesting experiences ranging from new location, lifestyle, culture, clothing, eating as well as romance. A corper has shared his confusing relationship with a South-western native in the north.
Read his story below:
"Let me give a little background info here.
I am corper(Nysc) posted to one of the northern states.
I met this cute girl at orientation camp, she's 26 also a yoruba like me.

Ever since we met at camp, she's been into me: body signs, gestures, the way we talk and all that.

Also, she would hold my hands at the slightest opportunity and always come to my apartment (rented) whenever opportuned but no romances.

Meanwhile, I have fallen in love with her as she's the first and the last thing on my mind daily.

Even the way we move around on the street (whether my side or hers); people would think we are dating.
But we aren't dating as she's said we can only be friends because she has someone or so.
The confusing aspect is that she also have other male friend(s) but she rarely meets with them. And she's jealous whenever I talk to her about other girls.
Not to mention the gifts aspects because I do make extra money apart from 'allawee', I do help her out financially too smiley

She seem to be in love with me but her love is fluctuating like Glo network after subscription.
Am confused about what I should do..? Should I walk away or hang around? Any help pls?"

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