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“Never Disregard Your Husbands Over Job Loss” – Female Pastor Warns Women

A female pastor, Mrs. Cecilia Okachi has warned married women never to disregard their husbands in their difficult periods because the condition will not remain like that for ever.
Mrs. Okachi gave the advice on Saturday during the annual awards organized by the Voice of Nigeria News, VONN in Lagos.
She noted that husbands were the strength and dignity of women, and when a woman neglects her husband during his trial period then she has created alternative for him and it will be difficult to win his love back when he bounces back.
Okachi noted that every man who knows what to do and was not capable of doing them can never be happy as he feels bad and frustrated. And that the wife should not add to his pains because it was the time the husband needed her the most.
She advised women that it was at such periods that they should get closer to the man, pray, encourage and look for ways to make him happy because widowhood is not sweet.
Mrs. Okachi noted that mothers have made their children lazy and were indirectly training their house maids/servants to the detriment of their children in various homes.
‘We prevent our children from cooking, mopping, sweeping, washing and other domestic works and allow maids do them and thereby training them on how better to manage homes” Okachi said.
She said it should not be a thing of surprise that marriages were witnessing broken homes and divorce, because it was the foundation the mothers laid in their various homes. She advised that we need to make our children useful in all the aspects of life; knowing the importance of hard work which brings dignity and self reliance in the society.
Mrs. Okachi also said that mothers were ordained by God to lead the children to greatness by correcting and directing them to achieve their dreams, visions and aspirations.
However, she regretted that many mothers have misled their children because they were too busy to watch and direct them; pursuing things that will not give them joy like children in their lives.
She advised mothers to build integrity, discipline and have faith in God to carry out their responsibilities and all their visions and dreams in their families will be achieved.

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