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Must Read: Message To The Federal Government Concerning Plateau Killing And Herdsmen Crises

Everybody are unsafe and unsecured in Nigeria (our Father land), when this administration was voted in at the last presidential election, we all think our safety as been guaranteed and won’t experience any security issues anymore in our country.

Now, to my utmost surprise the rate at which lives and properties is been lost kept on increasing day after day, Lives of thousand of innocent people have been lost while properties worth millions as been destroyed.

This security issues have caused a lot of harm and trauma and will still cause a lot more if the right thing panels are not been put in place to fight that as soon as possible.

People no longer live comfortably in their country to the extent some have even become beggars due to the mysterious attacks.

Every news in Nigeria seems to be from flame to fire and from bad to worse everyday, yesterday it was news of F-SARS harassing citizens, today it’s the news of herdsmen attacks, tomorrow it might be a robbery attack while the following one might be that of kidnappers.

We are unsecured, we can’t sleep with our two eyes closed, we open one and close the other which is not supposed to be.

Concerning the plateau state crises that took over 86 lives in three local government at plateau state, i urge the plateau state governor and also the federal government to take the necessary actions by arresting and prosecuting the perpetrators.

Though actions are ongoing, but enough have not been done. We all could remember what happened in the case of the Eastern whereby the federal government was quick to declare the perpetrators as a terrorist group while operation python dance by the Nigerian military was quick to action. Now the question is what has happened in the case of the herdsmen?

Probably the federal government thinks they are not terrorist or they have to wait until they kill us all before something will be done to that. I strongly agree with Femi Falana (SAN) that if the federal government fail to take appropriate action to stop the killings, “we shall not hesitate to report the authorities of the federal government and the plateau state government to the special prosecutor of the international criminal court for condoning crimes against humanity and genocide”.

Nevertheless, I wish to sympathize with the government, family of those affected and the people of plateau state generally over the reckless and cold murder of more than 86 unarmed people in Barkin Ladi local government.

The mystery behind the Fulani herdsmen must be unravelled and something quick and drastic must be done to halt the killings that as become a normal daily routine for the killers. And Nigerians should know that more dangers lie ahead of us all.

The coming elections could overshadow those massacre’s as politicians will be more interested in their selfish political pursuits through their campaigns than directing resources to defend the people.

This year farming season could also be lost which could cause a great loss to the individual and the Government as a whole due to the killings which will discourage people from farming because most of the farmers that feed the nation are now refugees due to lack of proper security so, much should not be expected from them.

To save their lives, most of them have decided to stay indoor during this farming season because nobody want to have his or her live lost.

I am whole and not divided the truth must prevail and must be said, its a whole lot of shame for the federal government first it was Benue followed by Zamfara to Taraba to Adamawa, oyo, ekiti and now plateau.

Its quite devastating that our security agencies are not doing as expected because I think an operation is going on in the state so from this angle it could be learnt that this terrorist move in freely to those villages affected and overpowered the security agencies then carry out their evil act on innocent lives in their sleep. This is a big shame to the security agencies and the nation entirely.

Therefore, I urge the plateau and other states to establish grazing lands, feedlots and ranches for herdsmen who rear cattle in their state, while I also urge the government to make new law and enforce them. Once a terrorist is been apprehended, He/She should be prosecuted immediately no matter their ethnic group, religion or posts.

In other way, the government must try their possible best in fishing out the sponsors of the terrorist group and the executors because the executors are just messenger of the highest order. once the sponsors are been prosecuted the terrorist will surrender.

More so, the judicial system must be transparent and strong enough to put law offenders to a house of no return.

In conlusion, insecurity is a threat to livelihood, the government and security agencies should adhere to all areas of security issue starting from armed robbery, herdsmen attack, kidnappers etc. And make the issues of insecurity a thing of the past.

Thank you.

[Written by Olukoya Isaac A.]

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