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“People Doubted Me, But I Have Been Proved Wrong” – Peter Okoye on Being Mr. P

Many people felt the end of P-Square would see the end of the careers of Peter and Paul Okoye, but the brothers continue to wax stronger individually.
Speaking with Hot 93.3 FM, Peter Okoye, who now goes by the stage name Mr. P, spoke about the success of his recent single, Ebeano, how career ever since the end of P-Square, and more.
About starting again: “I left a Psquare who has almost a million subscribers on Youtube to start my own and I wasn’t afraid to start afresh. I know there’s something good out there, but I’ve moved on, and I love it, I love the energy.
About dealing with P-Square fans: “When people come to my show expecting to see Psquare, I ask myself: Am I giving them the same energy? The answer is ‘Yes, I am’.
And his thoughts on those who doubted him: “Most people that doubted me because of what has been said out there had all been proved wrong. I’m a multi-instrumentalist. I produce songs but I don’t want to brag about it. I’m a studio engineer as well, I also direct music videos but I don’t brag about these things. It is not about the money. I’m enjoying myself doing what I’m doing.”

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