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We all know that going to school is very good. However, education is not for everybody, some people are better off learning a skill.

That you aren’t smart academically doesn’t mean that you aren’t good in other areas. Try to discover your real talent or skills instead of wasting time going when you don’t have the knowledge.

This article will unveil to you the signs that school is not for you.

If you are facing any of the following predicaments or challenges, they are signs that school is not for you. Just go home jejely so you don’t disgrace your generation in School 😭😭😭

Let’s Go!

1. You Scored Less Than 50 In JAMB

The total score for Jamb is 400. So, if you score less than 50 in Jamb examination, it is a pure indication that school is not for you.

Try to discover your real skill as studying is obviously not one of them. Your calling is elsewhere and not in the Education line.

2. You Don’t Have A Single Credit In Your WAEC Result

Another sign that school is not for you is when you have parallel F in your WAEC or you have just 1 or 2 Credits and the rest is F.

As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to stress yourself, just learn a Trade and start cashing out. School no be your way at all 😆

3. Cooking Beans 10 Minutes To Exam

This may seem funny, but it is definitely one of the signs that school is not for you. If you have ever attempted to cook beans few minute to examination, just know that you are wasting your parents school fees.

As a matter of fact, pity your parents and think of the best thing to do with your life outside schooling.

“No be everybody wey kuku go school dey make am for this life” – This is the line Olodo people use in Consoling themselves 😂😂

4. You Sleep In The Exam Hall

When you start sleeping the examination hall during Examination, just know that school is not for you.

It is an indication that you are doing something you don’t have passion for. You just glance through the question paper and you did not see any Question you are familiar with and the next thing is, you started yawning 😥

So, discover your passion and go for it. This is better than forcing your self to study and end up sleeping during examinations.

5. You Only Read A Day To Examination

Lack of seriousness is when a student start reading a text book or study material a day to examination. Oh! you think this is normal?

Don’t be deceived, it is one of the most obvious signs that school is not for you. Alaye, stop fooling yourself, Get something else to do with your Precious time.

6. Your GPA Is 1.0 An A Scale Of 5.0

This one is actually very powerful. When a student GPA is 1.0 on a scale of 5.0, seriously, it is a sign that school is not for them.

How can you have a GPA as low as 1.0 in the University? Are you breaking melon in School? Stop deceiving yourself, go and learn a trade.

No be by School alone these days, you can be useful elsewhere.

7. You Have To Wait For Other Student To Finish So They Can Feed You With Answers

I know many of you are familiar with this.. If you have to wait for some of your brilliant friends to finish so they can start feeding you with answers, then you need to stop deceiving yourself.

If you have to wait for them to finish their own, so they can start throwing paper with Answers at you to dub so you can write something too, school is definitely not for you.

During the course of waiting for your friends to finish to have your own time, you will have to keep yourself busy by writing the Questions in your Answer sheet and then leave Spaces for Answers so the lecturer won’t suspect you don’t know anything 😂😂

If this is you, Bros, save your Generation from being disgraced with 3rd Class Certificate, go back home and venture your time on something fruitful.. School is not you way 😋😋

8. You Always Submit Your Question Paper & Take Your Answer Sheet Home

I actually saw somebody who made similar mistake during my undergraduate days. The question I keep asking is “How can you submit question paper and take your answer sheet home”?

This is a serious one. But once you start making these types of mistakes, just know that school is not for you.

9. Your Only Hope To Pass An Exam Is On Expo Or Sorting Lecturer

If you can’t read to pass an Exam in School, then it’s no doubt, School is not for you.

If you have to Write on a Piece of paper, on your palm or go into the Examination hall with your phone to copy and pass any Examination, you are wasting your time.

If you have to wait behind in School after Exam period when your mates are already Traveling back home to enjoy the Holiday with their family just so you can meet the Lecturer before you pass any Exam, School is definitely not meant for you.

Get something doing with your time before it gets too late my brother/sister.. No dull am.

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