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Businesswoman Exposes Husband Who Belongs To Ogboni Confraternity

A woman has exposed her husband before a court accusing him of belonging to the dreaded Ogboni confraternity.
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A 56-year-old businesswoman, Grace Okonwa, has urged an Agege Customary Court in Lagos State to dissolve her 33-year-old marriage.
Grace, who resides at Command, Ipaja area of Lagos, told the court on Friday that there was no more love between her and the husband, Macaulay Okonwa, describing him as a cultist.
The mother of six said: “my husband belongs to the Ogboni confraternity, he is devilish and demonic.

“Whenever my husband have sexual intercourse with me, my stomach becomes swollen and when l go to the hospital for check-up, doctors will say nothing is wrong with me.”
The petitioner alleged that the husband attacks her and the children spiritually.
She claimed that even the children were not spared in the devilish act as he had used his devilish powers to stop them from getting married.
The petitioner told the court that she enjoyed her marriage for only a few years since the union “because my husband is a wife beater and a chronic fornicator.

“My husband has turned me to a punching bag. He usually beats me to a pulp, tears my clothes to pieces and beats me nakedly.

“I moved out of the house sometimes in 1994 when the beating became unbearable but after pleading by his family members and his promise to change, l returned in 1996.”
The petitioner said that the beating continued after she returned to the house and the husband started bringing home different women.
She added that “my husband’s lifestyle became worse as he will stay away from home for months.
“My husband became a chronic fornicator, sleeping with different women without any form of care and when l complained about his ways, he beat me mercilessly.

“There was a time l complained about his attitude and my husband beat me to a pulp, he used the sole of my shoe to hit my head, l became unconscious and was hospitalised for days.”
The woman described the husband as devilish and irresponsible and urged the court to dissolve the marriage “so that me and my children can live a peaceful life.

“I am no longer interested in the union; I want to live comfortably and in peace with my children.

“I also want my husband to stop attacking me and my children both spiritually and physically.”
The respondent was not in court after several summons had been sent to him.
The court’s President, Mrs Ibironke Elabor, advised the estranged wife to desist from believing that anybody could lay hold of her life, that she should be strong for herself and the children.
Elabor adjourned the case until Aug. 14 for judgment.

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