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President Buhari Finally Explains What He Is Doing With Recovered Loot

President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday, said he was selling off recovered loots to put money in government’s coffers.

Buhari stated this while responding to a question on Nigeria’s anti-graft war, during a joint press conference at the end of Namibian President Hage Geingob’s visit to the Presidential Villa in Abuja.

He also said the world is waiting to see if the Presidents coming after him, will return the loots and assets being recovered by his administration, to those who looted the treasury.

“We are pursuing people who have declared assets. But we find out that they have much more than they have declared. We follow them through their bank accounts to the companies they formed, to the contracts they got.

“Sometimes, they swear to Almighty God that their structure that cannot develop feet and run away does not belong to them. Then they are confronted with their bank accounts.

“Again, using my experiences when I was arrested and detained, people were given back what they have appropriated. This time around, I said we are going to sell them and put the money into the treasury and I will see whoever comes after that will have the courage to take money from the treasury and give to anybody.

“So, we are winning, but it’s very difficult under this multi-party democracy system. And we are getting the cooperation of countries. We are trying to sell the assets wherever we find them and bring the money into the Nigerian treasury,” the president said.

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