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5 Handwork You Can Learn In 2018 That Pays Better Than Bank Job

Culled From Naijaloaded

It’s all shade of glory and steady cashing out for those who have actually ignored the shame then to learn one or two hand-works because the World is beginning to appreciate hand-works better than white collar jobs.

I remember then when I was in Secondary school, I told some of my friends I want to learn Tailoring, my friends were like ‘Ah ah Azeez’ why na?

They saw me as someone without future ambition because they think only those who are not brilliant in school opt for hand-works.

Now, we are all done with Schools and our eyes are wide open to the reality of life. They now realized most of these White-collar jobs pay lesser and their income cannot even sort their bills.

Believe me, our friends who learned some of these odd jobs (hand-work) back then are turning out to become better persons, happier than us and are way ahead of us financially.

I hope this article motivates you all.


Overlook the shame, put your Certificate aside if you are not earning good income or don’t have a job yet.

Discover yourself, learn something and become a better person for yourself and your family.


You are very luck! Learn something today before you graduate from school.

You friends will talk, insult you, look down on you, will even bring you down with their words but ‘he who laughs last laughs best‘.

Hand-works are really lucrative these days especially when you are extremely good and you have the needed packaging to set yourself & standard apart from that of the local guys.

Guys, we have done our research carefully and here are the 5 Hand-works you can learn today, Package yourself and start cashing out tomorrow.

Let’s get into the real deal.


It’s kind of funny back then when people say they want to become a photographer, it sounds awkward right? believe me, photography of today is far different from that of yesterday.

People spend a whole lot of money to get a professional photographer to cover their Events (Wedding, Birthday, Burial etc).

People even pay a whole lot of money these days to book a section with Professional photographers to get their photo-shoot done. I believe you understand what I’m talking about now?

If what I wrote above does not motivate you about Photography, I will tell you a short story that would.

Do you know – Bayo Omoboriowo?

Bayo Omoboriowo is the official photographer of President Muhammed Buhari.

If President Buhari is to go on a 4 man delegate to anywhere around the world, his photographer is the second person that must be on that list.

Case Study

There was a time President Buhari visited Germany on a 4 man delegate, himself and Bayo Omoboriowo the photographer are the two people that were first set aside. President Buhari had to select two other people to go with him on that tour.

These days, people pay a lot of money to book sections to get for their photo-shoot, Wedding photo-shoot, Birthday photo-shoot and so on done.

If you have the passion to go into photography but you’re thinking people will laugh at you, my brother the story is not like that anymore, take the bull by its horn and follow your passion.

Photography pays heavily these days.


As it is popularly called back then ‘Tailor’. If you tell anyone back then in school that you would like to become a Tailor, the way they will laugh at you ehn, you might lose interest in the whole thing half way.

These days, people have modernized the way Tailors are been called. They are now called “Fashion Designer”.

Fashion Designing is one of the Most Lucrative handwork these days. People spend a whole lot of money to get their Native wears properly sewed.

In fact, Professional Fashion Designers now make Suit and Wedding Gowns and they are steady raking in millions of naira doing that.

Case Study

If you can remember the story of Ugo Monye, you will understand what am talking about. Ugo Monye is the guy who sewed Ebuka’s controversial Agbada (The one he wore to Banky W’s Wedding).

This guy is a good example of those who are seriously making millions of naira from tailoring.

Popular comedian AY’s younger brother, Yomi Casual is a very good reference point to buttress my point. You can’t tell the difference between Yomi Casual and a Yahoo boy because he’s got swag, very rich + he drives good cars.

Who said you can’t be a tailor and still got swag?

Fashion Designing is the new way to go.

I know a whole lot of Fashion Designers who just post their stuff online on Instagram, Facebook just to get people’s attention and then convert them into their customer.

The truth is, if you are good enough as a Tailor, money will definitely follow you in this field.

Get an Instagram account, sew good clothes for customers, friends, brothers get paid and post it online and then wait and see how people will start rushing you.

If you want a job that still permits you to keep your swag intact and let people see you as a fresh boy while making in money, Fashion Designing is a job you should give a shot, you won’t regret it.


With the help of Social Media and the Internet become part of our lives, Content Writers / Social Media Managers are the biggest people in the Industry as they help many businesses to continue running efficiently.

I know of a guy who earns N350,000 monthly writing Articles for Blogs and helping Brands run Social Media Adverts daily.

Case Study

Here at Naijaloaded, we have some bloggers who work from home & some at the Office who write Articles on the Website as a content writer and rakes in good amount of Money monthly.

The good thing about this job is the ability to work from home and deliver efficiently from the comfort of your bedroom as far as you have a good internet access and a functioning laptop.

Do you might know how to write a Social Media post? If Yes, a Brand might just be looking for you out there to come do what you know how best to do and rakes in good amount of money monthly.

You can get employed as a Social Media manager for Brands, Company etc, just to help them run their Social media pages effectively and run Ads campaigns to get their Products/Services known to Nigerians.

You can learn to become a good Content Writer/Social Media Manager by going for Training, Seminars, Read Articles Online etc. Who knows, you might become the next Richest Blogger or next Social media manager like Instablog 😭😭

In fact, all you need to do as a Professional in this line is to ➨ Wake up, brush your teeth, watch your face, open your Laptop and start writing articles for brands who need your services.

Content writers & Social media managers are becoming the next big boys/girls in town.


10 years ago, no one could have thought Graphic Designers & Video Editors are going to become relevant in the professional Industries but today, every brands need the services of a Graphic Designer to design appealing graphics.

Graphics designers are very important individuals / Team player in every company to deliver Graphics to be use in the Office e.g Letter-headed papers, ID Cards, Journals and also on their Social Media pages etc.

Video Editors are important individuals to keep delivering amazing Video contents to be used on TV, Social media and the likes.

Movies, Music Videos & Video Ads are now parts of our lives and as such Video editors are very important for every brand who wants to stay in business.

Case Study

Now, imagine you are a Graphic Designer and you know how to do your thing very well, believe me different company will approach you with amazing job offers with lucrative salary and a lot of things.

Every company needs at least 1 of these 2 professionals. In fact, 99.9% of Brand don’t even request for Certificate when employing these set of Professionals.

Here at Naijaloaded, we have Graphic Designers and two Video Editors who are doing amazing jobs in helping us with designs daily and to work on our Video contents also while raking in good salary at the end of every month.

The music industry boost of a good amount of Graphic designers to help with Music/Album Artwork cover, banks needs them to deliver stunning Graphics to market their new products.. Just name it, they are extremely useful in our world today.

This profession is something you need to give a shot at if you are not comfortable with your present job. It fetches you good amount of money while doing what you love.

So, give it a shot, build a career around it and you will be glad you read this article on Naijaloaded.


Like I said earlier, the Internet as activated a whole lot of new things and these days if your business is not online, you’re not in business.

Every business owners are going online because the numbers of people/potential customers you will get on the internet are more than those you will meet physically.

So these days if you want your business to stay afloat and to stay relevant you need to have a functional website where you can showcase your products/services and let people reach out to you.

With all these been said, you need a professional web designer who can help you handle your Website designing, the coding and other aspects of it handled properly.

Ten years ago, when Internet just came into the country, these professionals were very few and people go extra miles to get their Website done.

Case Study

Today, we have a whole lot of Web Designers and Programmers but yet there are still not enough because more businesses are becoming to go online and these professionals are needed to get things going.

As a web company, we know some Programmers that earns between N250,000 – N500,000 monthly working with Brands who needs their expertise to get their Website/App projects to be done.

99.9% of companies in Nigeria pay millions of naira to their Programmers to keep their businesses running efficiently online to serve their customers better.

Banks, Network Companies, Oil Companies, Health Companies, Security Agencies, Ministries etc can’t do without them for a day.

If you give Programming a shot, believe me, you won’t regret it. Just be the best at it and money will follow you.

I hope you all enjoyed this article? Thank you very much for going through it, we pray God continues to bless you.

Feel free to tell us what you think in the comment section. We promise to reply every one of you to the best of our knowledge so you can make a good choices for yourself that will step you up in life and become useful to yourself, your family and the community at large.

See you all in the comment section, We will be waiting.

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