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Actress Stephanie Linus Offers Sound Relationship Advice To Men And Women

Nollywood actress, Stephanie Linus, has offered a sound relationship advice to her many followers on social media. 
Stephanie Linus
Stephanie Linus, one of the most successful Nigerian actresses has given what is being termed a "sound relationship advice" on Instagram to the delight of her followers.
The actress who is also a film director, has a very cordial relationship with her Instagram followers. On almost a daily basis, she is known to share new photos of herself followed up by words to inspire her fans.
On other days, she is also known to just release images containing some words of wisdom.
In her most recent post on Instagram, Stephanie spoke to the men and women on her page who are in a relationship. She shared the photo below containing the relationship advice.
"If a man expects a woman to be an angel in his life, he must first create heaven for her. Angels don't live in hell," the words on the image read
In her caption, Stephanie explained that this statement also applies to the woman.
Her many followers have taken to her comment section to show they are in total agreement with what she has said.

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