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“It’s A Disgrace For Nigerians To Beg Before They Eat”- Presidential Candidate Speaks Out

The presidential candidate of Grassroots Development Party of Nigeria, GDPN, Davidson Isibor Akhimien has stated that it is shameful for citizens of the country to go begging before they can eat.

Speaking on Monday in Abuja while being hosted by the Forum of Pastors for Peace and Reconciliation Initiative, he explained that it is a failure on part of government for not doing enough to cater for citizens who have been yearning for good governance.

Akhimien added that his entry into the presidential race would mark a paradigm shift in governance, adding that if the youth were not taken off the street through entrepreneurial skills, hunger and social vices will continue to linger.

“All Nigerians look up to a day when social order and justice will pervade the land. They look to a day where they will have three square meals without recourse to begging.

“This is a time of transformation and paradigm shift from the way Nigeria politics is practised to a new order of political Renaissance,” he said.

In his remarks, Chairman of the Forum, Bishop Frederick Samuel stated that Nigeria is in need of politicians who have the fear of God to correct anomalies of the past, insisting that Nigerians will vote wisely during the 2019 election.


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