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“Married Men Are Less Stress”- Lady Explains Why She Prefers Dating Married Men To Single Guys

No doubt, social media helps to spread a lot of positive news and improve lives, but sometimes it can be used to spread information people would normally keep to themselves.
In recent times, the internet has popularized some people’s actions and they have gained fame from it. Perhaps this is why more individuals showcase different and strange things online.
A pretty Nigerian lady, whom many would describe as a slay queen, took to Instagram to share her interesting reasons for dating married men.
In a video posted on her page, the young lady can be heard saying that married men are better because they give out money and there are no strings attached, unlike dating a regular guy.
She said:-
“Married men are less stress, they give us money without us asking, they don’t f*ck the hell out of us and they can’t cheat on us because they already have a wife.
“But you see the regular boyfriends, they are always broke and when they manage to give you the least 5k, they would want to hang your legs and f**K the hell out of you.”
Watch the video:-


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