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Nigerian Singer, Reacts To Leaked Sextape Of His Friend, Princess

Nigerian singer, Kezie, has reacted to a leaked sex tape which had her friend identified as Princess in it. According to Kezie, Princess is only a mutual friend who owed her nothing.

She added that her friend involved in the sex tape was a just a young naive girl with a good heart, who fell into the hands of an evil person.

Read her tweets below:-

It was a sunny day just like any other, the barefoot boys were still too involved in their game to look up. A friend brought my attention to a post on TundeEdnut’s page about a girl affiliated to me who was involved in a sex tape that got leaked.

I went to check it out to discover it was a very good friend of mine. I was heartbroken that this would happen to her.. however bad I thought I felt at this point, it paled in comparison to the pain I felt when I saw people’s comments in the comment section…

men and fellow women of hers alike.. “slut”, “foolish girl”, “flat Bosom ” and all what not. This, as much as it broke my spirit, was also an eye opener.. it gave me an insight as to how broken our world has become.. a society governed by anything but love..

the very love upon which the foundation of the Christianity we so proudly preach was built.. Princess is a beautiful girl.. she has a beautiful heart.. she embodies love.. she’s the only girl I’ve ever taken out time to post on my Instagram page to shout her out on her birthday..

this is because she is the only person I have met that has the true love of God in her.. and no she’s not even a church goer.. as an upcoming artiste I get looked over, insulted, down graded, degraded both verbally and otherwise every time my profession is mentioned..

people judge you and call u a riff raff and a time waster till you become like wizkid.. even your friends find it difficult to support you, but not princess.. she was only a mutual friend at the time who owed me nothing.. but she would be the first to buy my song the moment it was released.. princess would post it on her page.. she would tell everyone who cared to listen how talented you are.. and not just for me.. I noticed a pattern.. she supported everyone she knew.. she isn’t a millionaire..

but as little as her platform was she would use it as best she could.. princess has the love of God in her.. and she showed it in everything she did.. but the world does not appreciate the good.. the world does not celebrate love.. the world celebrates trends, theft, laundering, wickedness, and wealth no matter how it came..

Princess was called names not because she killed anyone or sold her soul for fame nor wealth, not because she painted a picture of who she wasn’t to the world or lived a fake life like most of our celebrities do, not because she slept with peoples fathers to buy the finest things in life and post for the gram.. people like that don’t get called names.. our society celebrates them..

Princess was called names because she was a victim of an unfortunate incident.. a young naive girl with a good heart who fell into the hands of an evil person was the summary of her crime..
as we go about doing despicable things to live our best lives on earth that would not last more than a hundred years, let us remember that love is all that matters.. God bless us all.. God bless Princess.. you would always be my friend.. no matter what..

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