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Nigerian Woman Goes On Rampage, Destroys Lover's House After Quarrel (Photos)

Nowadays, if heartbroken ladies are not committing or attempting to commit suicide, they will destroy the properties of their estranged lovers or even go as far as defaming them on social media.
Household materials destroyed in the apartment
According to an online report, an aggrieved Nigerian lady destroyed her lover's house and his properties following a disagreement between them.
Though the cause of the quarrel was not revealed as at the time of filing this report, but it was claimed that the lady went on rampage at her lover's house and destroyed his properties including chairs, plates, television set, e.t.c. as can be seen in the pictures. 
Photos of the destroyed properties which are trending online, have got internet users talking and wondering why a sane person would go this far just to express her grievance. 
Further details as to what later happened to the couple was not given by a Facebook user Akin, who shared the report. 

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