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Pre-Wedding Photos Of American Man Who Proposed To His Nigerian Girlfriend At First Meeting

The American man who proposed to his Nigerian girlfriend at the airport recently, is now set to marry the woman. 
Christopher proposed to Leah at the airport
It will be recalled that the story of an American man who proposed to a Nigerian lady at the airport when they met for the very first time trended earlier this week.
Now, it has been revealed that the couple will tie the knot tomorrow.
Christopher Chestnut and Leah Athalia Amishe had been chatting online and Chris came to Nigeria earlier this week to visit her. He proposed at the airport as soon as he set eyes on her on Tuesday, November 20. 
The interracial couple are wasting no time to get hitched and will be walking down the aisle tomorrow, November 24 at the Evangelical Church of West Africa, ECWA, in Jos.
Below are pre-wedding photos:

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