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How to Start Earning More in Data Selling Business in Nigeria (Ogiri.ng The Best Option)

Introduction: Data Reselling business is the buying of Data in Bulk from the telecommunication network and selling it in bits to others. However, the business has not been well patronized because of the challenges and limitations these telecommunications set forth. They is a limited number of persons you can sell to and they is a limited number of days you must finish selling all the data bought or else it gets wiped off. Amongst these disadvantages is the high start up capital of at least N10,000 to N280,000, the troubles of carrying different sims cards around if you must sell more than one network data, purchase of more than one phone and the realities of seeing cheaper data sold around far below the amount you bought from these telecommunication networks and finally the tears of frustration and giving up on the business.

Congratulations, you saw this post full of truth and better alternatives before you decided on jumping into this data reselling business. This business is fresh like baked bread, fast selling after pure water, and the profits is unimaginably sustaining. That's why those who had discovered the business secret sells far below the amount telecommunications are selling their data. You too can tap into this opportunity with little or no capital. Hang on and read.

In this blog post, you'll learn all the best method, how and best alternatives to which you can start your very own data selling or reselling business in Nigeria at little cost while outlining the benefits in full discussion.

In preparation for 2019 here you Buy cheapest data for all networks in Nigeria, become a data reseller without share limit (share data to unlimited no of people).

What you about to learn is the Latest and easiest way to start data selling business in Nigeria in this year 2018 and 2019.

Steps by Steps on How to start data selling business in Nigeria through a ogiri platform:

Just before we discuss the extended benefits how how to earn even more on this website here is how to start the business.

1. Visit https://ogiri.ng 

2. Click on the registration link.

3. Select any referrals link of your choice. The numbers of the owners are displayed there should you want to call them.

4. Proceed through the easy registration form on the website and click on submit when you are done.

5. Navigate through the website menu and find link to purchase or buy data. You can as well buy or sell airtime for 2% less. Select your network
Choose the data plan you want and type your number. Click buy data.

6. Note you'll be required to fund your wallet before you can use any of the services. Once, you buy your data within minutes you will receive the data in your phone.

That's the crux about joining. Let's discuss further about the features and about extra earnings inherent.

How To Make Extra Bucks on Ogiri Dot NG

A quick check on the website shows the business and activities going on the website are registered and secure.

Aside from providing you with a fast,  reliable and cheap platform to earn enough profits while selling data and airtime, ogiri dot ng provides it's data resellers with opportunities to earn per seconds on every money left in their wallet. This earnings are in two types and can be used instantly.

1. The Minimum Balance Earnings. For leaving at least N1000 in your Nigeria bank account in a year, how much are you paid. Ogiri dot ng pays 10% of any amount left in your wallet that is between N1,000 to N9,999.

This earnings is spread over and credited to your wallet every seconds so that you can use it instantly instead of waiting for one year.

2. Premium Wallets Balance: This is for those who maintains no less than N10,000.

Ogiri dot ng pays a whopping 30% of any amount left in your wallet that is above N10,000.

This earnings is spread over and credited to your wallet every seconds so that you can use it instantly instead of waiting for one year.

Further more on ways to earn extra bucks on ogiri dot ng is your ability to refer families and friends to the website. You get paid 30% of their first wallet funding directly to your wallet balance as referral bonus.  Having a target to refer at least one person in a week funding his or her wallet is enough extra income for your business.

What about using the website for POS? Yes, since POS might not be giving at as when needed to just anyone. You can make your neighbor pay into your wallet while you give them cash and earn your instant commission.

What about helping the people in your environment send money to their families and friends from your ogiri wallet? They would pay you commission for doing that.

More still,  ogiri dot ng which started since July 2018 promises to give out emergency top up loans to business individuals starting from N4000 to N20,000 with just 7% interest rates.

What else is missing, they you have a business, interest and loans all rolling in just a single registration on ogiri.ng

Thank you for reading through, I hope you act on this information because there lies the power to earn extra income from reselling data.


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