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See The 5 Most Rugged States In Nigeria (No. 1 Will Surprise You)

Today we’ll be going through 5 of the most Rugged States in Nigeria.
First and foremost let me clear this up for you, Ruggedity doesn’t translate to Violence.
The People of this Seven states might be Rugged but not necessarily violent And life in Nigeria actually needs Ruggedity, but for this 5 States its a way of life. And in Numerical order from 5 to 1 we give you the most Rugged States in Nigeria.

5. Lagos State

Owing to its diversity and being Nigeria’s Economic and Commercial capital, Lagos makes this list by Default.
I liken Lagos to Newyork City. A large population Of Crazy people why wouldn’t anyone be rugged . Especially in places like Ajegunle, Mushim, Bariga, Ojuelegba,etc

4. Bayelsa

The Dream Jerusalem of the Ijaw Nation, Bayelsa is miles away more Rugged than Lagos which is only rugged in some Neighborhoods, In Bayelsa even the Villages are Rugged From villages like Peremabiri to Amassoma to Yenagoa places like Down Yenagoa , Obele, Amarata, Ekeki, owns Ruggedity in Bayelsa but no other states to fill the Gap so it stays in No.5.
Bayelsa is one of the States in the South along with Rivers which has turned Cult OT Slangs like “Wida” into a normal Pidgin Word.
That tells you something right? And Most Bayelsans were actually citizens of Places like Boro-kiri Portharcourt, Ajegunle etc when this people came back to Bayelsa coupled with the Effects of Niger delta Bayelsa crises. Ruggedity flows in their Veins.

3. Delta

10 Gbosa for Una. Warri Warri Warri. Una no de karri last kpata-kpata na draw! Normally Delta should have been number two or even one. But this is New Warri not Old Warri. Don’t be deceived Delta is peacefull now.
The Warri Crises is far over but still Ruggedity still flows in their veins and they’re don’t hide it and that’s one reason I love this peeps.

2. Rivers

Home to Port Harcourt which I liken to L.A or Compton. Who no go no know. This state is called Lagos of the South and it can prove it actually is.
Rivers is the Father of Bayelsa its to Bayelsa what Edo is to Delta. Its has been a hot Bed of Cultism, Militancy in the past so you know it flows in the Blood. The State still has lots of Serene places but……….(Lemme not talk).

1. Edo

If I forget Baffi wetin I gain? The Ancestral Home of most Nigerdelta Groups. Edo with a population of 8 million people is the Host of the City Benin.
Edo is like Delta in everyway but in Ruggedity? The other Four states are learning. In Benin if you’re not Rugged then you’re OYO on your own.
Although One can argue it was the Deltans that made Benin Rugged because they were all one once. but Still Twale for Baba!!!!

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