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See What This Villagers Did When Elephant Went On Rampage (Photos)

A young elephant went on a rampage through the village of Khordha in India, where at least three people were injured as they tried to get out of its way. The animal sparked panic as terrified villagers were forced to climb onto the roofs of their homes to find a place of safety.

The elephant ran around wildly and caused havoc as it attacked people and homes, damaged property and trampled bicycles and scooters, according to local media. Footage captured by one of the villagers, who was hiding in a doorway, shows the elephant ploughing into a cluster of bicycles – sending some of them flying – as it runs around.

Later, villagers who sought refuge on a roof look on as the animal storms around during Saturday’s rampage. The elephant then stood on railway tracks for some time, causing delays for a few trains, as it dug its foot into the rocks like a bull does before charging.

It later disappeared into the forest on its own. Local officials said three people suffered minor injuries as they tried to escape the elephant.


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