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How I Lost My Hand After Being Attacked By Rapist In Abuja - Abuja Woman Narrates Sad Ordeal

An Abuja-based female teacher has narrated her sad and unfortunate ordeal in the hands of suspected rapist who hacked her hand off.

A teacher who escaped from a suspected rapist, lost her wrist to her attacker’s machete cuts. The victim identified as Margaret Nyitse, a resident of Pegi community in Kuje Area Council of Abuja, revealed how she was was attacked earlier last year.

After what she described as a fulfilled day, she was walking back home around 6:30pm on the 18th of March 2018 when she was attacked. Her wrist was cut off after attempts to rape her failed.

Narrating how she was attacked, she said: “I am a teacher and I also do home lesson. I teach nursery classes English, Mathematics and other subjects. On the 18th of March this year, I was coming back from where I do home lesson for children. I met a Fulani guy on the way when I took a short cut leading to my house. I kept going and he followed me. The short cut is a place that car used to pass but the owner of the land came and started raising his building. So the only way to pass that side is by foot. As I was going, he was coming behind me my back. At the middle of the short cut, he passed me and started going at my front and I was coming at his back. At a point, he stopped by one tree and was playing with the leaves and acted as if he wanted to cut the leaves. I passed him while he was doing that and then something came to my mind that I should run but then again, I said to myself, why would I see somebody and start running?

“So I decided to hasten my steps. Later, I turned back to observe what was going on behind me and I noticed his hands were behind him as if he had something to hide. It was at this point it occurred to me that he might hurt me. I then turned to run but he was already close to me. The next thing I felt was cutlass on my shoulder. My shoulder bone broke and then I felt another one on my elbow. As my shoulder bone broke, my hand went down and the bag I was carrying fell off. While he was trying to pick my bag from the floor, I gathered all the strength I had left in me and ran out of the foot path and it was while I was running I discovered that some parts of my hand were off.

“When I noticed I was safe, I saw people passing and I begged them to carry me to the hospital because a Navy barracks clinic was close to us. They took me there and I was told they could not treat me because I was bleeding seriously but they managed to tie the hand and they carried me in their ambulance to Gwagwalada Specialist and that was where I was treated.”

Margaret revealed to The Nation that her family spent close to a million naira to fix her hand.

“On the 21st of March, they did surgical operation on my hand and I am presently carrying two irons on my hand. One of the irons is holding my shoulder bone while the other one is holding my elbow. They gave me eleven pints of blood and I stayed in the hospital for about two weeks. When we calculated what we spent aside the things we were asked to buy without receipt outside the hospital, we arrived at over N800,000.”

On how she was able to recognize her attacker, she said: “It was around 6:30pm, the whole place was not dark and I am very good with faces.

Speaking on how he was arrested, the FCT Commissioner of Police, CP Bala Ciroma said: “Following an ongoing investigation, Operatives of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS) attached to the Command arrested one Ahmadu Adamu who attacked one Margaret Nyitse on 18th March, 2018 at about 1830hrs in Pegi Community, Kuje Area Council and cut off her left wrist with a cutlass.

“The suspect who has been on the run was arrested in Pegi on 14th December, 2018 at about 2000hrs. He has made useful statement on how the crime was committed. Effort is being intensified to recover the victim’s handbag which was robbed by the suspect and the weapon used in committing the crime.”

When the Nation approached Adamu to know why he attacked Margaret, he explained in Hausa language that he only wanted to have sex with her. “I am cattle rearer at Pegi. I used the cutlass to cut her because I thought she would fall which would have enabled me have sex with her but when I cut her, the handbag she was carrying fell off her hand. It was while I was trying to check the content of her bag that she ran away. I took the bag and ran away too but I found nothing in the bag.”
Margaret who is presently living without her wrist said the attack has affected her life negatively. She said she is forced to live and learn to work with only one wrist and hopefully look for another job since it seems difficult to return to the classroom with one wrist.

On how she has been coping since the incident, she said: “Life has not been easy at all because I have not gone back to work since the incident. It has not been easy. I won’t lie to you, I passed through hell.”

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