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Wow! Man Creates 'Flying Machine' That Allows People Fly About In The Air Like Birds (Video)

A man has been able to create a 'flying machine' which is capable of letting people fly about in the air.
Richard Browning flies with the machine
A Brit who created an Iron Man-style jet suit has revealed he is in talks with the US Navy Seals and the Royal Marines about using the flying machine in warfare.
Ex-marine Richard Browning, from Wiltshire, said he has been on a training day with elite special forces soldiers from America and South East Asia.
The inventor also recently demonstrated his incredible jet pack to the British Royal Marines at an assault course in Lympstone, Devon.
Former Royal Marines Reservist Richard’s device has five small jet engines – four strapped to his hands and one on his back – which can propel him to speeds of more than 50mph.
The motors can also generate an astonishing 1000bhp (brake horse power) which is comparable to a Bugatti Veyron supercar.
Richard told the Sunday Telegraph that he believes the futuristic flying machine, which has been compared to the Iron Man suit in the Marvel movies, could be used in combat.
He said: “It’s clear to see how you could move a special forces soldier in a very nimble and fast way onto a target.”
While Richard insists he did not invent the machine specifically for military purposes – he confirmed he had been in talks with special forces units from around the world.
He said: “I spent time in the US with their Navy Seals, for some experimental training purposes and then with some South East Asian special forces too.”
Last week, Richard was filmed flying over the bottom field assault course at the Commando Training Centre in Devon.
The inventor broke the speed record for the course during his jaw-dropping demonstration.
A Ministry of Defence Spokesperson said: “We are always working with the brightest minds in Britain and across the world to see how emerging technology might support our military to keep them safe and give them the edge in the future.”
Source: The Sun UK

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