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'I'm Not Ready To Die For Nigeria' - Soldier Declares As He Prepares To Fight Boko Haram (Photos)

A Nigerian soldier who is about to go to the battlefield to face Boko Haram in the North-East, has said he does not want to die for the country. 
The soldier
Nigerian soldiers have been at war with Boko Haram for many years and the battle is not yet won. More soldiers are being sent to face the insurgent sect and many of them don't come back alive.
One of such soldiers who is about to go to the battle field, has revealed he does not want to die during battle. He made the revelation on social media.
Simply known on Facebook as Wise Rich King, the soldier shared these photos of himself in his army regalia and explained that he is about to go and fight for Nigeria.
He however, stated that he is not read to die for it.
He wrote: "I have made up my mind to die for what I believed and to live for what I love, and to fight for my right, 
"don't copy my style & don't follow my way, since there is no way we can make peace with one another let us go into war after the battle I believed the truth will speak for itself and therefore peace and unity will reign, 
"I love my Country Nigeria and even if I fight for this country with my last strength , I am not ready to die for this country Nigeria!!! 
"Help me oh my God. I am On my way to fight for this country, oh God bless my way, save my soul, don't let me die in the battle field, Amen!!"

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