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Nollywood Actors, Kehinde Bankole And Bryan Okwara Get 'Married' (Photos)

A perfect union between two very good-looking and successful people is the type of marriage many dream of. 
Kehinde Bankoe and Bryan Okwara
In real life, Kehinde Bankole would have loved to walk down the aisle with a man of Bryan Okwara's quality but for now, it's only happening in a movie.
The duo teamed up on the set of a movie titled "No Budget " which is now in the cinemas.
Both actors have been single in reality, though they must have been involved in relationships on a discreet note.
"I hear the wedding day and the marriage are 2 different things. I even heard true colours start to come out even on that ceremony day. What do you hear?," Kehinde Bankole captioned the pictures.

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