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Woman Marries A Zombie Doll After Falling Deeply In Love With It (Photos)

A woman has shocked many people after she married a zombie doll she fell deeply in love with.

The woman married her zombie doll
A woman has married a zombie doll after falling in love with the creepy birthday present and boasts her world is now complete, Sun UK has reported.
Felicity Kadlec, 21, from Massachusetts, wed the inanimate doll in September last year after saying they had a “normal” and “intimate” relationship.
The ceremony, which took place in Tiverton, Rhode Island, cost Felicity £388, and was also attended by four of her family friends and eight of Felicity's other dolls.
Felicity said she wed the "love of her life" Kelly Rossi - who Felicity says is 37 years old.
Images of the wedding show her in a white dress, lovingly embracing the creepy toy dressed in a tuxedo, and her profile description reads: "Kelly (the doll) is the most valuable one! She's been my world for years."
A video of the ceremony shows Felicity's other dolls standing at the altar, and Felicity picking up Kelly for their matrimonial kiss.
The pairs connection is so deep, Kadlec even has the doll's name tattooed on her arm.
A Facebook image shows that, in a mutual display of devotion, the doll also has Felicity's name inked on her arm.
Kadlec has had boyfriends, and acknowledges many do not understand the connection she feels.
Although she was given Kelly when she was 13, Kadlec said it took three years for their love to bloom.
She first set eyes on the doll on a creepy doll collection website, Kadlec said.
The Mail Online reported her saying: "But it wasn't until I was 16-years-old that I started to get feelings for her, but it was something that I kept on trying to deny.

“Our relationship was on and off since I was 16, because I would tell myself that it was wrong and break it off."
Kadlec said she regularly caressed the doll, and felt safe in her presence.
Friends and family apposed the union, and reportedly in the past wouldn’t allow Kadlec to bring the doll when they went out.
But like all great love stories – Kadlec ignored those who fought the match and apparently married her creepy zombie doll.

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