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Teenage Girl Shares Her Story After Being Rejected By Ritualist In Delta (Photos+Video)

A lucky girl who was kidnapped on her way back from school before being rejected by ritualist has opened up on what happened.
The girl
A young girl who recently regained her freedom after being kidnapped and rejected by a ritualist in Delta has narrated how the whole thing happened.
The girl, it was gathered was on her way back from school (days after the election on Feb, 23rd) when she was kidnapped in Isoko South local government area of the state.
According to her, she stopped a motorcycle on her way home and was told by the bike man that he wanted to go and buy fuel from a petrol station which she agreed to.
The motorcyclist also picked up another man whom he claimed he wanted to help. That was how she was kidnapped and taken into a bush.
The teenage girl said on getting there, she saw two other girls in the ritualists’ camp who were blindfolded.
She claimed after being forced to lie down and was about to be killed with a cutlass, the master allegedly prevented his boys from killing her as he said that her head is not good for sacrifice.
The young girl was blindfolded, taken out of the ritualists’ camp and dumped by the roadside where she met some women who helped her back to her house.
Watch the video below:

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