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10 Guidelines for the Up and Coming Artist by Owoeye Olugbenga (Eddiegeetango)

So you have a great voice and written some great songs you disturb your neighbors with every time you take a shower;  and you think to yourself, "I've got all it takes". Well, you've got some of it. However, to become that artist with a potential for stardom there are certain trustworthy steps you may need to follow.

Below are 10 guidelines for the up and coming artist

1. Don’t solely handle the creative mastery of your art, i.e. composition songwriting, arrangements and productions. Allow external help to beautify your creativity.

2. Lower your pride. A big number of artists are egotistic; they believe all their thoughts, and ideas are always right, thus they shut people out.

3. Take in a manager. Your manager will do a lot for you. Your manager will do a great deal for you. It’s even respectable to have one. Reflect on this.

4. Don’t copy your peers. Uniqueness is the key to developing a great product. Don’t do music because your friend is doing it. Have a real passion for it, and your love will drive you far.

5. Don’t let people’s comments or critique weigh you down, especially the destructive and negative ones. You need them to develop a thick skin.

6. Don’t expect everyone to like your music. It’s unrealistic to expect everyone to have similar appreciation and interest. Just keep doing your best.

7. Always make a good art for your song. Remember, promotional material is imperative. People like what they see from the outside before they match its content. Good graphics will attract people to your song and a horrible one will repel. Get a professional art.

8. Don’t write your own Bio. Allow a professional bio writer to write for you; even if you’re still headstrong and believe you can write it, send to a pro to proofread. A bad bio is not good for your image.

9. Get a good production. Work with a seasoned music producer who will scold, correct and direct you to become a great musician.

10. Have a PR team. Public relations(PR) are the most significant part of it all. PR will create an image, publicize and redefine you. Don’t plan the promo of your songs alone. It’s unethical and unwise. Bring people together to get the job done for you.

These guides will increase your chances of being heard and ultimately, being spotted by the right people or label.

You can then move to Banana Island and disturb your new neighbors when next you shower.

Written by
Owoeye Olugbenga (Eddiegeetango)

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