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Twitter Chat/Interview With Promising Act, Producer, Song Writer AndRecording Artist - Miletunez

Hello readers, we started off our chat/interview series with young, promising artist and entrepreneurs who are doing well in the industry, so we hooked up with the Talented Producer, Recording Artist, and Song Writer known as @Miletunez

We had a nice chat on Twitter, below are the Excerpts

Hello @miletunez, kindly introduce yourself to us let's get to meet you

My name is Ewaoche Sunday Emmanuel, I’m Singer & a record Producer.

Nice meeting you sir, tell us how you started off as a music producer and an artist as well

Well it all started when I was 16 years old, I have always knew I’m gonna do music but I don’t know how so I started being a studio rat, I go to Dominas studio in a town called oba-ile in akure, ondo state.

In 2012 that was when I had my first record, a friend of mine who was also my classmate had me on a song title “Omoge wa” then we went to the studio and recorded it which made us popular in high school back then. Later that same year we had the remix in Dominas studio.

I also started as a rapper, back then everybody just want to rap because rap was the selling point & the likes of choc boiz (MI, ice prince Jesse jagz) & dagrin, we all were impress to do rap music then.

While in lokoja I spent one month and two weeks in Berryvick studio which I learnt a lot and he gave me his time, every morning when I woke up I tend to concentrate more to what he’s doing on the tv screen and I asked questions most of the time.

And he’s gentle enough to reply all my questions. After one month and two weeks I left lokoja that was in 2018. On getting to abuja I started buying my studio instrument gradually.

That's nice, how do you merge both, being a music producer and an artist, what are your challenges? 

It was really challenging, I tend to work more than just being an artiste, most of the challenges started when I was a beginner in music production, it was tough, you know going to the studio everyday which was far away from my home.

Most of the time I trekked to the studio and before getting there my boss must have been through with most of the lessons for that day, I always feel left out among my mates in the studio but I never gave up.

After six months, I left akure then went to lokoja in Berryvick studio, I actually met him on Instagram, I paid him for another face of beat making, I stayed in lokoja for two months, it was scary.

It was scary because that was my first time staying in lokoja & I don’t even know Berryvick alot, later I discovered that he’s a very serious producer same as dominasbeatz, Berryvick doesn’t like unserious people.

Dominas used to say “when you’re learning music production, you don’t need a woman, you need concentration. He once told me if I didn’t learn fast he will drop, that’s was one of the scary and challenging moments I had back then. 

I had to end my relationship because I needed to concentrate, that was the craziest decision I ever made, breaking up with a girl who hasn’t done anything wrong.

So how would you describe your style of music, what influences you, which artist is your role model?

My style of music is afro pop & a little of Afro RnB, but I do love soul & Afro - RnB the likes of Khalid Jon Bellion & Nonso Amadi. My role model of all time is wizkid & I Stan mayorkun Alot.

Speaking about what influence me, I think Rap music did , ever since I was 16 I do practice rap & I listened to the likes of lil wayne Rick rose tupac & the queen nicki Minaj.

And to music production my role models are sarz & metro boomin. If I ever have a day in the studio with them I just have three different questions to asked them.

So how many projects have you released in the past and what would you be dishing out this new year?

I had three songs in 2018, a debut EP last year & a video last year also which had production credits to myself Dominasbeatz & Berryvick. This year am going to drop another EP which all songs will be produce by me.

So far, how would you say your music has affected your immediate society, and what are the plans for the future

So far I think am making a positive impact to the society with my music, I’ve had messages from fans outside Nigeria giving good comments about my songs, so for me I think am on the right path.

My plans for the future is to be a successful artiste & a music Producer, I really wanna work with wizkid, mayorkun, sarz & metro boomin. Also I will like to work with A$Ap Rocky, I enjoy listening to him.

we would like you to tell us about the challenges you go thru while making music, how you monetize your music, do you get paid when you perform, do your family and friends support you? and also hint us about your current relationship status

Well sometimes when making a beat and the vibe isn’t coming, I turn off my laptop and sleep. Music production works with the brain, if your brain isn’t working with your body at that moment you can’t do anything.

So I sleep and wake up later, by the time I wake up I must have refreshed my brain and have new ideas, I do that sometimes but most of the time I’m always ready for the vibe.

Secondly, when making beats and an artiste is Singing off key, that moment is challenging and annoying but I have to be professional and put he/she through. No matter the stress I always end up achieving my aims for that day.

Speaking about monetizing my music, I do sell beats online which most are on my YouTube channel (miletunezVEVO) & I made money from my debut EP, shoutout to everyone buying & streaming my songs, Love you all dearly.

Most of the time I don’t get paid when I perform but there are some shows I get paid before performing, for me I don’t mind Performing for free I just need the audience first, so I perform in shows that involve money and in shows that does not.

Yeah, I’ve massive support from my family and friends, Love them forever.

I’m currently single but I do have a girl I’m dating in my imagination, I call her my next. I don’t know her location but I’m sure she’s in one of the 36, I also don’t know her age but I’m sure she’s not 36. I think she’s black lol, melanin girls are the best.

Lol. Lastly, tell us how people can connect with you, and also give a shout out to people that have been supporting your music as we end our chat

My special Shout-out goes to my brother @Osirusmusic
who have always been supporting me as an Artiste & a Producer, also my shout out goes to 3shells man shot my first video & also do answer me whenever I call.

He gave me the confidence to use studio one 4 ( A daw for recording) also shoutout to Berryvick , man always answer me whenever I called, respect to Dominasbeats, man worked real good on my Debut EP. And to my Family & friends, love you all forever.

You all can reach me out on Instagram @miletunezgram on twitter @miletunez
& for bookings kindly send your mails to miletunez@gmail.com. Love you all #Peace

Thanks bro it was nice having a chat with you. Thanks for your time and we wish you all the best


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