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Bishop Oyedepo Declares Coronavirus Dead, Says The Virus Will Become Extinct (Video)

Nigerian pastor and founder of Living Faith Church, Bishop Oyedepo has declared war on the demon called coronavirus.
Bishop Oyedepo
Bishop Oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith Church has made a prophetic declaration against the demon spreading coronavirus. He declared that coronavirus pandemic is dead.
The clergyman disclosed this during a sermon delivered to his congregation online as churches remain closed due to lockdown.
According to Oyedepo, coronavirus will become history because God will kill anything that wants to kill the church.
He said,

“There shall be an outbreak of revival across every church, every ministry, as an aftermath of this noisome pestilence.

“Coronavirus will become history. It will be cheaper than malaria fever. It will become extinct. Coronavirus is declared dead.

“Whatever wants to kill the church, God will kill it. So, the church comes against you coronavirus and you are grinded (sic) to powder.

“This demon called coronavirus that has held the people captive across the nation over several weeks, the prison gate is open.”
Watch the video below:

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