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Face Of 18-year-old Wife Who Killed Husband Over Sex (Photo)

A teenage housewife has narrated to the police why she decided to kill her husband in Bauchi.
Salma Hassan
Salman Hassan
An 18-year-old housewife, Salma Hassan arrested for allegedly stabbing her husband to death, has revealed why she did it.
According to her, she killed her husband because she didn’t know that sex was part of marital obligations.
Whilst being detained by Bauchi Police Command, Salma told newsmen that she killed her husband, Mohammed Mustafa because she thought he was trying to defile her.

“I didn’t know that sex is a marital obligation. On that day, when he approached me for sex, I refused because I have never been involved in it before.

“I thought he wanted to rape me but he got angry and was trying to force himself on me. He started beating me.
“To scare him away, I picked up a knife but he kept coming and I didn’t know when I stabbed him with the knife in his chest. I wouldn’t have done it if I knew better about marital obligations,” she claimed.
She added that she had already given her statement to the Police and did not know what would become her fate.
Mr Philip Maku, Police Commissioner in the state, also showed newsmen a knife Salma allegedly used to commit the crime at her home in Itas-Gadau Local Government Area of the state.
He explained that the suspect, a resident of Itas-Gadau was arrested on 24 April.

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