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Impossible! This Fashion Designer Is 70 Years Old But You Will Never Believe It (Photos)

An ageless fashion designer has gotten many people completely stunned after it was revealed that she is 70 years old.
Vera Wang is 70 years old but does not look it all
Fans have only just realised fashion designer Vera Wang’s real age, and it’s safe to say nobody was expecting it to be 70.

Vera has been trending on Twitter for days after one fan shared their disbelief at finding out she was 70, because she looks literally decades younger.

The designer has been keeping her fans updated during lockdown, sharing a host of outfits shots from her lavish home amid the pandemic, but despite the designer apparel, fans were more interested in how she managed to avoid getting a single wrinkle after seven whole decades of life.

As well as modelling a host of different outfits, Vera also shared a few snaps in a Palm Angels crop top, which had fans questioning what her secret was to maintaining such an ageless appearance into her seventies.
While we suspect the fact she’s devoid of even a single wrinkle is largely down to a dose of good genetics, she was kind enough to spill some of her other secrets to looking young forever.

Confirming her age to the disbelievers, she revealed the tips she swears by for eternal youth to be: ‘Work, sleep, a vodka cocktail, not much sun…’
A fan asked to know what Vera had been soaking her hands in to maintain their ‘baby’ appearance, to which she responded: ‘as of lately, hand sanitizer! ;)’

When another fan asked what she was drinking to look that good, she added: ‘Diet @CocaCola… typical of a NY fashion type.’

Acknowledging the thousands of comments about how great she looks, Vera added: ‘you guys are too funny. too kind. thank you for all the love.’

Make ours a vodka and Diet Coke with a side of a prayer that we even look half this good at 70, because Vera is absolute goals right now.

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