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Gospel Song: Becky Ibrahim - Hallelujah


Becky Ibrahim, also known as the King’s Daughter is a seasoned worshipper that is passionate about deeper intimacy with God. Her love for God and what Christ has done for her is a major influence on her mode of worship. She believes that men will worship when they know that there is a God, therefore, her worship is a way she connects to her maker. Her music is characterized by a tense spiritual atmosphere that readily spells God’s presence, according to testimonials from some listeners.
From a very young age, she has had a very strong flair for worship and has expressed it through her participation in various church choirs in the course of the years. This Single is her first musical release so far,

She is also an experienced entrepreneur, the CEO of Pwatee’s Beautique Salon and Spa where women are made confident through their outlook. Being a student in the practical school of life, she has authored a must-read, Unbroken Identity, where she shares both her travails and triumphs through the different storms life threw at her, and emphasizes on the importance of our identity in Christ. She has a rare passion for women and young adults discovering their potentials and being all they can possibly be. She is the founder of Fashioned for More, an initiative aimed towards helping stigmatized and deprived people in the society, especially women and young adults. Through her periodic outreaches, she has helped a number of women grow in their relationship with God, acquire life skills and are on their way to financial independence.

She has been happily married for fourteen years to her adorable husband Akeem Ibrahim, who has been a great pillar of support and encouragement to her and her works, and she is blessed with three awesome boys


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