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Man Petitions Police Boss, Narrates How Officers Allegedly Extorted N220,000 From Him, Seized Daughter's Passport

According to Ameh, the ordeal began when the cleric gave a prophecy about his spouse in the presence of their children, compelling her to return her bride price.

 Joseph Ameh

An architect named Joseph Ameh has lodged a petition with the Nigeria Police Force, specifically addressing the police Inspector General, concerning a case of alleged corruption and intimidation.

According to SaharaReporters, the complaint involves a self-proclaimed prophet and certain police officers. According to Ameh's account, he claims that the police extorted a sum of N220,000 from him and also confiscated his daughter's passport during the incident.

Ameh identified Superintendent Francis Itua of the Legal Division of State CID, Asaba in Delta State as the officer who connived with Israel Angel Ogaga of Testimony Champions City, to extort him of the said amount and also detain him for two days.

According to Ameh, the ordeal began when the cleric gave a prophecy about his spouse in the presence of their children, compelling her to return her bride price.

Ameh took to Facebook to make the allegations. 

He also reported the matter to the office of the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria.

Ameh alleged that despite being under attack, the prophet connived with SP Itua to detain him in a cell.

“The prophet approached state CID using his regular cohorts as rumoured greatly in Asaba environment that the SP Francis Itua and his subordinate Rachael Obi are in the corrupt business of intimidating and extorting people in collaboration with the fake prophet, petitioned that I defamed his name and cyber-stalked him.

"In the same petition, he said he does not know my spouse and had never seen her once. I tendered evidence including WhatsApp message exchanges between me and my spouse, that she confessed to meeting the man for prayer points and the man prays for her. 

"Same woman the strange prophet does not know, he rented a church space for and manipulated my spouse to sell some lands under my care to use the money to enhance the interior of the church. Is this not fraud?

"Instead of charging him for fraud, deceit, inciting violence in my children against me and destruction of my family, I was detained for two days at the state CID Asaba and released on bail after the payment of one hundred and twelve thousand naira (N112,000) received by Inspector Rachael Obi and Francis Itua. 

"The entire injustice meted to me by these officers of state CID was carried out by a mere phone call by the prophet, who never visited the state CID to render a statement," Ameh narrated in the petition.

After his release, Ameh alleged that the prophet's agents continued to harass and intimidate him, demanding a refund of the money they allegedly spent. 

After threats of continued detention, Ameh said he was forced to pay another sum of one hundred thousand naira (N100,000).

As the situation escalated, Ameh said he reported the matter to the Commissioner of Police, Delta State Command, but faced obstruction from the Legal Division under SP Itua. 

However, the case was transferred to Zone 5 by questionable means, and Ameh's daughter's passport was reportedly seized, potentially hindering her education and future plans.

"Inspector Rachael Obi continued to pressure me by phone calls from different lines to settle with them by paying up instead, she will arraign me in far North or arraign me before a magistrate court without jurisdiction to hear the case and I will be remanded in prison for a long time. 

"I ended up paying them one hundred thousand of which I brought N90,000 cash to the chief magistrate who added N10,000 and asked them to leave my spouse but stay clear from my children that are minors. 

"The prophet continued to ask my spouse to bring my children to him, to gain control of my children. He told my first daughter in the presence of the elder brother that her future lies overseas to collaborate with my spouse's plan to abduct the children to the UK without my consent and the girl believes him as he says after God, he is next in supremacy. "Determined to ruin my children, he auditioned my last daughter for singing and acting at his shrine (not church) and the girl at the age of 12 in SS1. 

"I was compelled again to petition the Commissioner of Police, Delta State Command, who seriously frowned on these acts and asked the DC to merge the case files for a neutral investigation and report but the legal division under Itua refused to submit their case file. 

"The AC also demanded that my daughter's passport be brought to the state CID but the prophet using his connections with Francis Itua transferred the case to Zone 5.

"When I called the IPO, Inspector Ola, she narrated how one Inspector Angela at Zone 5 called her from the prophet's cell phone at Zone 5 for the case transfer. They refused to give details," the petition read further.

Ameh urged the police IG to order a full and neutral investigation into the alleged corrupt act by the police officers and also a refund of the money extorted from him.

"I seek your assistance for the proper sanction against SP Francis Ituah and the prophet which will include the refund of the sum of one hundred and twelve thousand paid as bail fee; one hundred thousand naira extorted from me; the release of my daughter's passport to enable her to concentrate on her studies; and the prophet to undertake never to invite my children again in view of negative influences," he prayed.

When contacted, the state police public relations officer, Bright Edafe, said, "Respond to what exactly, he didn't state what the policeman did.

"If he had done that, I will know what I am responding to. 

"He cyberstalked someone who petitioned and on that strength he was arrested, while investigation was on, he ran to zone 5 and the case was transferred over four years now, so I don't understand what he is complaining about now." 

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