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Man Heartbroken After Finding Out His Daughter Is SS While He And His Wife Are SC and AA

 The man said he welcomed his daughter on November 15, 2018 in LAUTECH teaching hospital.

A Nigerian man has expressed shock after discovering that his daughter has the SS genotype while he and his wife are SC and AA respectively.
Adedeji Moses Tobi took to social media to cry out for help.
In a video posted online, the man said he welcomed his daughter on November 15, 2018  in LAUTECH teaching hospital. He said his baby girl was diagnosed of Jaundice when she was born and this delayed her speech. He said his wife and their baby stayed in the hospital for a month before they were discharged.
‘’In 2021, I did her genotype and I noticed she is SS which is not supposed to because I am SC and my wife is AA. We have done my wife's genotype so many times. When I noticed this, I did the test in another hospital and it was still the same thing. So I went to Sickle Cell Foundation in Lagos because of this matter  and they did my genotype and that of my daughter, SS and SC. So the question is where is the double S coming from? I agree the S is from me. The second S, where is it coming from? 
So I came back to Ogbomosho again. I have done it so many times in different places. I went back to LAUTECH teacjing hospital where she was given birth to. I lodged a complain and we were told to bring my daughter and my wife to the hospital''.
Adedeji said he took his wife and daughter to the hospital for the test.
‘’The result was still the same thing; AA, SS. They were speechless. They were unable to say anything. They just said they will get back to me. Nothing has been happening. I need help. I used all my life in pain, I don't want my daughter to face the same thing.''
The distraught father said he has almost taken his life because of this issue which is yet to be resolved.
Nigerians have called for thehospital to be investigated as there is no way their child can be an SS even if the mother cheated as she is not a carrier of the Sickle Cell genotype. For a child to be SS, the father and the mother have to contribute the SS genotype.

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