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In short:VIBESOFNAIJA does not collect or share any personal information!
The longer version:VIBESOFNAIJA is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of its user community. This privacy policy details the - very limited and non-personal - information VIBESOFNAIJA.com may gather and our disclosure policy.

IP Addresses

The IP address that is associated with your search will NOT be recorded.
The only exception is for “abusive” (automated) queriers that rapidly submit many queries to Ixquick in a very short time.

Data Collection

We don't collect any personal information on our visitors. 
When you Visit VIBESOFNAIJA, we do not record your IP address, we do not record the browser connected with your search (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome etc.), the computer platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) connected with your search, and we do not record your search words or phrases themselves.

This zero data collection policy protects your privacy, since your IP address, browser, and platform information can be combined with other data to uniquely identify your computer, your location, or you. It is also important not to record search terms, since they can convey personal information as well. (Think of someone entering their own name and/or social security number.)

In fact, the only information we do record is an aggregate total of how many searches are performed on our website each day (a measure of overall traffic), and, from time to time, some other strictly non-personal statistics. Such statistics may include the number of times our service is accessed by a type of operating system, a type of browser, a language, etc.—or a combination thereof.

We only count the numbers and are in no way able to know what your specific operating system, browser, language settings, etc may be, because we do not record that information.

Your privacy, our future

We strongly believe that we have the legal right to safeguard the privacy of our users by encrypting and not collecting their personal information, and to keep doing so.

Given the strong protection of the right to privacy in NIGERIA, Nigerian governments cannot just start forcing service providers like us to implement a blanket spying program on their users. If that ever changed, we would fight this to the end.

It's not just our Policy - it's our Mission!

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