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**A woman and two men have been busted after allegedly having a threesome s*x on the top of their roof in the morning.**

Amanda Howley allegedly had a threesome with two men

Two men and a woman have been accused of having a threesome on a roof, The Sun UK reports.

However, they claim they were just watching the sun rise.

Cops swooped on the trio after a neighbour complained they were having s*x in public early in the morning.

According to The Sun UK, Amanda Howley, 24, Kevin Venbrux, 26, and Joel Beger, 29, reportedly admitted their carnal capers.

But they “felt that their position was private” and no one else could see them, said police.
Each was charged with disorderly conduct “for the creation of physically offensive conditions” in Warwick, Pennsylvania.

Police said: “The witness stated that the three subjects were on the roof of an adjacent building engaged in sexual activity.

“Patrol officers investigating the incident met with the three subjects, who reported that they were engaged in the activity but felt that their position was private, and not able to be observed from other locations.”
Venbrux later downplayed the session, saying he, Beger and Howley had their clothes on. And it was “far from raunchy” as it had been made out.

“We were just watching the sunrise,” he said in an online post.
“The cops came because of noise and the neighbours saw us up there kissing.
“Apparently that is considered a sex act now.
“As per usual with this thing it’s all getting blow outta proportion.”

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