Revealed: Top 7 High-paying Jobs You Can Do Without a University Degree in Nigeria

is no doubt that education and university degree is significant for any
form of career development, but one can still attain greatness without a
degree with some very important and high-paying jobs.
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University degree is not a determinant for success, you can still
succeed in life and do perfectly well, build and an exciting and well
paying career without a university degree.
Although you do not need a degree to secure a job, you may eventually need it if you eventually desire to progress in career.
However, if for any reason you are not opportune or may not be
opportune to obtain a university education, it is not the end of the
world. Many people have been able to build a profitable and money
spinning career after their secondary school without ever stepping foot
into any University or institution of higher learning.
While there are some jobs you can competently do and excel without
any form of college or university degree, there are definitely a few
courses that require proper education for you to do well in them.
The few well paying jobs that may not require a university degree
may require you to obtain some certifications that are related to your
specific area of interest.
We have provided in this article a few reputable and well paying jobs that you may want to consider.
1. Real-estate Agents/Real estate brokers
The work of a real estate broker is to supervise and organize
real-estate transactions which includes sell of real estate or rental
properties and organizing loans. If you have great marketing skills and
have garnered an extensive network of customers, you can make as much as
N17, 000,000 per year. You can get information on how to engage in this
type of business online or attach yourself to a similar business to
gain firsthand knowledge about the mode of operation of this business.
2. Purchasing agents for wholesale, retail and farm products
This job entails purchasing machinery, equipment, tools, parts,
supplies, or services essential for the operation of a business or
organization. Depending on your skills, ability and reach, you can also
make as much as 17,000,000 naira a year doing this kinds of job.
However, to be able to do well in this type of job, you need to be well
experience. You’d be required to obtain a long-term training on-the-job.
3. Supervisors of construction trades and extraction workers
This job requires you to directly oversee and coordinate activities
of construction or extraction workers. You can make roughly 18,000,000
naira a year with this job.
4. Photographer, Photo Editor or Videographer
Although obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Photography will make your
CV look great, you can actually do well in this field without going for
the conventional University photography course.
With training on the job, development of photography skill and good
marketing skill you can actually do well in the photography world. You
will grow your clientele through your network of satisfied customers
especially if you incorporate modern photography skills into your
photography skills.
While a few photographers build successful careers in photography
through just experience and skill, there are good numbers of them that
take courses and certification particularly those involved in
specialized form of photography like industrial photography,
photojournalism or scientific photography.
Some photographers who specialize in portrait and freelance
photography obtain some levels of technical expertise via training and
courses. You can make as much as 4 million naira a year as a
5. Freelance Writer
Freelance writing is another type of job you can do without a
University degree. The market for freelance writers is continuously
growing especially with the shift to online business presence, digital
marketing, social media presence, ecommerce, a shift to conventional
media to online platform. You can get job as a freelance writer to write
for local newspapers, magazines, blogs, websites and individuals
depending on what their requirements are.
You can work as a freelance reporter or content writer it all
depends on the needs of the company you are writing for. You can even
grow and begin to operate with a network of writers to meet your
clients’ needs. As a freelance writer you can make as much as 5 million a
year depending on your expertise and client base.
Freelance writers research and make use of information gathered to
come up with unique stories. As a freelance writer, you can write on
varieties of topics or specialize in a particular field. The freelance
writing world is very competitive and to stand the competition, you
ought to have a great portfolio that showcases your works.
6. Graphic Designer/Website Designer
A good graphic/web designer makes roughly 4 million to 12 million naira every year.
You can be trained to be a graphic designer without the standard
University education. Graphic designers work in advertising and
marketing industries, where they supervise a team that by standard
includes copywriters, graphic designers and account managers.
A web designer designs and develops websites. They usually work as
independent contractors for businesses in a lot of industries. Education
requirement for web designing differ. However, you can obtain
entry-level certifications online or register for a few web design
courses. To be a good web designer, you need to have knowledge of
graphic designing and computer programming. You can as well gain
knowledge in these fields online.
7. Sales representatives
You can make as much as 3 million naira a year as a sales
representative. Sales representatives or sales person work with
customers and help them to decide which products are most suitable for
their needs. Once the decision is made, they encourage them to make
purchases. They can as well help clients to register domains, secure
hosting and data centre services. They can as well create corporate
email accounts for clients.
There are many other jobs you can do without a college degree like
Social Media Analyst, digital Marketer, paralegal assistant etc.
University degree should never stand in your way to success if you
aren’t opportune to get one. You can build a rewarding career and live a
comfortable life even without stepping into the four walls of the

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