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It is not true that I own Mikano – Atiku

Former vice president Atiku Abubakar has said that contrary to rumours making the rounds, he does not own generator manufacturing company Mikano International Limited.

He made this known while engaging with some Twitter users on Thursday. One user @izz_korede had said:

“After I heard that Atiku is the owner of Mikano,it dawned on me that if he becomes president the whole Nigeria would be in pitch darkness”

Atiku replied: “Young friend, this is not true, but you tweet it all the same. I own bigger companies and they’re known publicly, why would I deny this one?”

When another user @adewoleade tweeted this: “The companies u own were set up by looted funds. From 1999-2007,” Atiku responded with the names of the companies he owns and when they were founded.

“1. NICOTES (now Intels) founded in 1989. 2. Prodeco, 1996 2. My farm, 1982. 3. ABTI schools, 1992,” he wrote.

Still on the thread, another user @ola2allwrote: “Above listed companies was not viable until u bcome VP. Only gullible w fall for ur tricks and sweet talk.”

Atiku then said: “Intels was already Nigeria’s biggest indigenous oil & gas logistics firm before 1994. This is why military government tried to seize it.”

Atiku, who is relatively active on Twitter has been rumoured to be preparing to run in the 2019 presidential race. He however has not made his intentions known.

He came in the news Wednesday after a video of incumbent Women Affairs minister Aisha Jummai Alhassan praying that he becomes Nigeria’s president in 2019 went viral.

Alhassan, who described Atiku has her godfather, in an interview following the video, said she’ll resign her position to support Atiku’s campaign if it comes to that.

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