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If You’re Over 30, Here Are 10 Things You Should Consider Doing in 2018

It’s the end of the year and as much as you hate to admit it, this year has not been “your year’. You are 30 years old… or even older, and you are nowhere near achieving your dreams. You are not the person you envisioned you would be at that age. You don’t want to be ungrateful, there are so many others who have worse lives, but you just can’t help the nagging discontent inside.  Worse, after all the time spent in retrospection and re-evaluating some of your life choices, you are unable to come up with resolutions, ways you can make the coming year a better one. Don’t worry; we’ve got you.
We have compiled a list of 10 resolutions you should embrace in 2018. Feel free to go with what works for you!
Change your eating habits and Get into shape
You probably already noticed that you do not walk as fast as you used to, or you get tired easily these days. Ok, maybe It’s not that dire, but at 30 your metabolism starts to change. You can no longer eat whatever you want and not have it affect your body. Also, you cannot NOT work out, and still keep your figure. Develop a habit of eating better, drinking more water and being more physically active now. It may not be easy, but it will help you stay healthy.
Travel more. See the world
Put your finances in order and budget some of your money for travel. Take some time off work and just go. Despite how tight your financial situation, there is always a place you can go, if you are determined. You can start with local destinations. The experiences you will get from your travels will be well worth it. It also has a way of broadening your mind and opening your eyes to the bigger picture.
Make meaningful connections
At 30, your time is far too precious to waste on meaningless connections. Know who your true friends are. Not everybody is worth knowing and not every company is worth keeping. Get rid of toxic people, and only keep the ones who enhance your life.
Are the people in your network on the same path as you are? Is your life better with them in it? Do you share passions? What kind of energy do they have?
Prioritize establishing valuable connections. Whether through networking at work, or just connecting through personal relationships, find the people that you can be your best self with, those who make your life better, vice versa.
Finish what you start
Shake off procrastination. It will take a lot of discipline, but it can be achieved. Maybe you feel you are too busy to finish that book, or you have just lost interest and you can’t be bothered about the online course anymore. Either way, it’s extremely important to follow through with whatever you start. Make a rule not to start what you know you will not finish. You do not need your energy drained from the feeling of disappointment or guilt that comes with hanging projects. Finishing what you start will turn into a habit, and it’s a good one to have if you plan to succeed in life.
Manage your time wisely
Time is worth more than money. Do not waste your time on unfruitful endeavours. Invest your time wisely. Every second counts. Spend less time on the social media. In fact, unless you are a social media manager and being on social media is your job, do not spend more than an hour per day; otherwise, it’s an addiction. You may not know it, but the time you spend being on up to date with trends is probably why you are 50% behind on the timeline of achieving your dreams. Also, regulate the amount time you spend in front of the TV and video games.
In addition, stop being late all the time. Practice punctuality and show up early for your meetings and appointments. Being on time is a mark of a true professional, a dependable friend and caring partner. That’s who you want to be.
Go see your doctor more often
Say goodbye to self-medicating and seeking Dr. Google out for diagnosis.  Make your health your priority.  Make time to go for check-ups no matter how healthy you feel and take every symptom seriously.  Refrain from patronizing roadside pharmacies or procrastinating your doctors’ appointments
Be more independent
You have a job, great, but you still rely on a whole lot of others for other things. You cannot stand on your own. Make a decision and break off. Be more independent.
You should consider leaving the nest, and reduce or eliminate dependency on family allowance. Also, your boyfriend/girlfriend does not have to pay all the bills.
While it’s nice to have parents’ and friends’ advice, in the end, it’s your life! Stop relying on them to make decisions for you, you will be happier with decisions you know you had full control over.
Only stay in romantic relationships that have potential
At a younger age, it’s not the worst possible thing entering a relationship just for fun or with the knowledge that it is not going to lead anywhere really.  In your 30s however, you have to put things in perspective. If you plan to have a family of your own, you cannot afford to go into relationships you do not see a future in. Don’t waste your time on something that isn’t going anywhere. The moment you see the red flag, don’t pray for a miracle or hope things will change in future. Get out! Don’t be afraid to cast off anyone that doesn’t fit.  Don’t be afraid to be alone. Be assertive about what you want and make your intentions clear from the start. Do not settle for less than you deserve.
Volunteer and give more to charity
Life has more meaning when you give a bit of yourself or your time in service to others. Giving your substance and devoting your time and energy to helping those in need is a noble gesture and a reward in itself. It is also a good opportunity to meet people, network and even learn new skills and. Carve out a portion of your earning for charity and devote some time every month to a cause you are passionate about. Volunteer in any way that you can.
Become more social, take more chances
Stop chasing the money so much you forget to have fun. Go out, explore the town where you live, meet new people and find out interesting things. Even if you are an introvert and feel uncomfortable talking to others, break out of your shell! Build your confidence and see how it will change the way people relate to you. Take more chances; ask the dude out; quit that job you hate so much, and start you dream business!
Can you think of other resolutions you want to make for 2018?

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