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Featured: [A Must Read] How To Write A Perfect New Year Resolution That Works 100% Perfectly – Makinde

Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year to everyone who read my Articles and dropped their comments. I so much Appreciate.

I Pray the Good Lord will grant all our heart desires no matter how little our Income compares to our Wants & Aspirations 🙏

Are you making a resolution for 2018?

If so, I have a word for you all.

Let’s Go!

Warning:- More than half of all resolutions fail, but this year, they don’t have to be yours (I mean yours won’t fail).

The Truth:- The sad truth is that most of us can’t keep our New Year Resolution alive for more than a week after stepping into the New Year.

Here’s how to pen down the right resolution to improve your life and how to achieve them. Hence, becoming part of the small group of people that will successfully achieve all the goals penned down in 2018.

Let’s get started 👇

1. Don’t Call It New Year Resolution

99.9% of the New Year Resolution fails because we call them “New Year Resolution“. It’s advice able to call it “My Plans“.

On the last day of the year, most of us sound and make promises to do away with some Negative things as if we are changing our Brains and to do things the proper way.

Call it “My Plans For 2018”, hold on to it and keep it in your head/close to your heart dearly.

2. Make It Very Short & Only List Tangible Ones

Most of us tend to pen down a long list and promises to act on all. We’ve to be sincere with ourselves, it won’t work.

Pen down a Moderate list, let’s say just 5 things to do. Once you start with this 5 things, I bet many things will change for the better in your life.

For me, I promise never to Procrastinate this 2018 and am holding on to it. Living a life without Procrastinating will change about you for the better.. From your business to your family and your everyday life.

So, why pen down “I will do my work very well, I will make my family happy, I will read my books and face my study”, Saying No to Procrastination will definitely put an end to the things I mentioned earlier, So pen down “Saying No To Procrastination” instead of that long list.

3. Give Yourself A Timeframe To Execute Each

You sincerely have to be true to yourself. Now you are doing penning down your New Year Resolution, We are already in the New Year, Act Immediately.

You don’t have to wait till it’s February before you start executing your New Year Resolutionsorry your Plans.

If you pen it down to take your Business serious in the New Year, start doing it right away and start with the Biggest and boil it down to the simplest.

You promised to take your Business to the next level and you listed the things to do e.g Get a Bigger Office, Buy Internet Routers, Buy New Laptops for your Staffs, Get a New Air Conditions etc.

If you have the money to get a Bigger Office, do that right away. If you don’t, instead of waiting to save up for the new Office, you can just get the Internet Routers, the Laptops, then save up for the Office and when that is completed, you can go ahead to get the Air Conditions.

4. You Must Have An Order Of Preferences When Putting Up Your New Year Resolution List

Get specific with your resolutions by giving yourself actual goals to achieve and not imaginary goals.

Just like I explained in the 3rd point above, you can’t buy Air Condition then save to get a bigger Office. You need to get the Office first, then the AC.

You must pen down your list in a proper arrangement and not some Arrangement like getting an Engine Oil before buying a Car. Ko le werk.

5. You Have To Be Hard On Yourself If You Really Wish To Improve Your Life

We all pen down this same list every year and hardly work with it after few days 😩

Good things don’t come easily. We all love to become a better person but like my Mum used to say “Good Things Come Out Of Mean Action“.

We all love to be the Owner of that Successful Business, the owner of that Latest Car and that Biggest Mansion but the discomfort that comes with Spending money on the things that matters is hard.

We all know the results that comes out of spending some good money on our Businesses but yet, we still won’t want to spend that money. Instead, we pour those hard earned money on Drinks, Cloths, Girls and silly things that won’t help our Business.

Why is this so? – I don’t know, but this year, am going to disgrace the Devil 😋

The END!!

This Article was written by Naijaloaded CEO ‘Makinde Azeez‘.

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