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Masturbation – I Think I Already Have PE And ED, I’m Just 20 (Please Help Me)

I have to narrate my ordeal to you all. I’m really suffering here and I’m very sad at present. No one knows this cuz I’m always jovial. Seriously I suffer a lot!
I can’t even recall when I started watching porn but this week will make a complete 2 years that I have been masturbating. I felt this kind of regret when it was a year too. Please help me, I don’t want it to persist again. I don’t want to continue with it.
It’s even got to a stage that I get aroused to anything exposure about the female. Merely looking at boobs at times, I’d have to control myself. I can’t even stand a TV soft sexual act, I’d definitely be aroused. I’m hating on myself!
Before, when I engage in this act, I used to last long a little time but nowadays, I can’t even stay two seconds. All I need to hear is the voice of the porn star and I’m done.
I know that means I’ve already developed premature ejaculation (PE). Another one I notice nowadays is that I don’t get the full control of my joystick as before, it’s still standing but I feel it’s lost some strength.
I feel I have developed erection dysfunction (ED) also and I have never had sex before. I don’t my future wife to be depressed about me.
I’m gonna be 21 in August, I don’t want this thing to remain with me please help.. I have already lost enough with it. My final year result was pure rubbish, I was only lucky to make a 2.1 cuz i had had good results already in the past.
Lots of times I have also contemplated suicide or harming myself in a way to end this but I won’t do that ever. Even being in my early twenties, I’m far from being broke but I’ve never had a girlfriend. Just help me please!
And forgive my typo error.

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