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Shocking Moment Flood Caused A Busy Road To Break Apart In Anambra State, Trapping Cars (Video)

A busy road inside a community in Anambra state has been caught on camera breaking apart in a viral video.
The scene of the incident
A video has emerged, showing the shocking moment a road divided into two as a result of a raging flood in Anambra. The video which was shared online has gone viral.
In the video, the road is seen with a wide opening on one side. Apparently, it has been washed away by the flooding.
Some cars are seen trying to avoid the wide opening while hurrying away before it collapses completely. However the wide opening keeps inching further back, trying to eat up the entire road and it is not long before many cars are trapped.
One car had a lucky escape as some parts of the road broke off just after it passed.

The incident happened yesterday at Mgbemena Street in Awada, Onitsha, Anambra State. The area where this happened is a residential area with houses lining the streets and with the way the opening in the middle of the street keeps widening, it is clear the occupants of the houses are at risk.
Watch the video below.

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