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2 People You Should Never Marry – Reno Omokri Reveals

Reno Omokri warned against getting married to two kinds of people.

In a social media post, the former presidential aide warned men against getting married to a lady who is more eager in knowing about one’s financial standing.

He also warned ladies against getting married to a man who is more interested in knowing about their body.

Reno Omokri wrote:-

2 people you should never marry:

1. A man who is more interested in knowing your body than in knowing you. Your body will grow old and the love will grow cold.

2. A girl who is more eager about your finances than about you. Romance that depends on finance is never genuine
That you THINK you love a person you do not yet live with, does not mean you will love being married to them. That is why courtship is important. See if you can stand each other’s company beyond the occasional meetings. Look before you leap. Look before you marry #RenosNuggets

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