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[A Must See] 5 Reasons Why Secondary School Students Don’t Need Social Media

Social media is arguably the greatest invention after the internet. However, as interesting, entertaining and informative this technology is, there are certain restrictions to its usage.

In this article, our readers will learn the top 5 reasons secondary school students don’t need social media. You may argue this, but a holistic look at social media vis a vis teenager will convince you otherwise.

5 Reasons Secondary School Students Don’t Need Social Media

1. Social Media Platforms Are Not Designed For Children

Ordinarily, social media platforms are not for teenagers. It is basically for adults with some level of maturity. Most times, Social media usage comes with temptations and distractions, it only takes matured mind to handle them.

2. It Is A Mere Entertainment Platform

Social media is a mere entertainment platform and it doesn’t make teenagers smarter and it definitely will not prepare them for future jobs. Rather it will only expose them to things they ought not to have known at their age.

This is one of the reasons secondary school students don’t need social media.

3. Social Media is Addictive

Social media is very addictive and this is among the reasons secondary school students don’t need it. When teenagers start using social media early, it tends to become an addict.

Trust me, once a teenager is addicted to social media usage, he tends to give preferences to these platforms over his studies. This will unavoidably make a smart and intelligent teenager lost focus completely.

4. It Can Make Them To Lose Family Connection

Ordinarily, secondary school students ought to have been closer and more attached to their families than anyone else. However, when they start using social media, they tend to be more connected to friends they meet online.

Sometimes, they start getting wrong advice from these people as they confide on them more than their own family.

5. Social Media Replaces Learning By Mingling With Peers

Ordinarily, teenagers need to learn how to mingle with their peers one on one. This is a skill every teen must learn to reduce the chances of becoming introvert. Sadly, when they are exposed to social media earlier, they tend to miss this.

Source: 24hoursreporter

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