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Nigerian Man Hiding His HIV Status, Infects His Girlfriend

A woman has been left in a state of depression after discovering that her boyfriend who hid his HIV status has infected her with the virus. 
Crying woman (File photo)
A Nigerian woman has been left devastated after discovering that her boyfriend is HIV positive.
According to the woman's friend who shared the news on Twitter, her friend’s boyfriend hid his HIV status from her, however she found out that he is HIV positive after she discovered Anti Retro-Viral drugs hidden in his wardrobe.
The lady reportedly went for test to determine her HIV status, because she had been sleeping with the man for 5 months and sadly she tested positive.
The tweet reads:
"Men can pretend alot sha… I advice every lady to properly search d crib of any guy they r dating to be sure his words match his lifestyle… My friend just found ARV drugs in the wardrobe of her boyfriend… Dude is HIV +… But y hide it."
Read the complete thread on Twitter: 

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