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Which Juventus Record Has Ronaldo Broken?

Despite criticisms after being goalless for his first three matches, Ronaldo has gone to score 7 times in the next 7 matches with 5 assist and he has broken a 60- year Juventus record.

Has he started breaking goals record in juventus?

This is just 2+ months since his first game in 18th August,2018.

Let me take you down Juventus history books.

Since the 1957/58 season in Serie A, only the Welshman John Charles has scored 7 goals in the first 10 games for the old ladies.

And Ronaldo just equaled that.

Bravo cr7- truly the best.

After one month of a goalless campaign for tne Bianconeri side, September 16th against Sassuolo, Ronaldo got a goal.

And as I have previously predicted on August 31st that he won’t stop until he breaks all record in Juventus.

Ekemezie Okechukwu’s answer to How well has Ronaldo been playing for Juventus?

And he did that in just 6 weeks later.

Many great players like Higuain, Filippo Inzaghi, Carlos tevez all managed 6 goals in the first 10 matches…

Other Juventus legends like Zlatan Ibrahimovich, del piero, managed only 5 goals.


John Charles who held that record went on to score 28 goals for that season.

Ronaldo who is a master at registering above 30 goals have nothing to fear.

With 28 more games to go, he’s sure yo bang in more 30 more to bring his total to 37 goals for his debut season at Juventus.

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